Your Presence Must Drive Away Darkness – Prophet Tetteh Doku Charges Christians

The New Tafo Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku, has charged Christians to live their lives as people of light to dispel every darkness they come into contact with in society.

He explained that by virtue of their belief in Christ Jesus and acceptance of His Lordship, Christians are children of light, hence their presence must confront the darkness that has engulfed the world.

“When you believe the Gospel message and surrender to the Lordship of Christ Jesus, you become the child of the light. So, wherever you go darkness must not have a place,” Prophet Tetteh Doku said while speaking on the topic: “Your Position In Christ As An Equipped Christian,” during the New Tafo Area monthly prayer meeting held at Sepe Revival Centre on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Reading Psalm 78:61-62, Prophet Tetteh Doku identified the positions of those in Christ Jesus as one’s status changes entirely when they believe in Him (Christ).

The first position of believers in Christ he mentioned was that they are God’s strength. According to him, the strength of God never abates or fails, hence Christians cannot be defeated. Consequently, he urged the congregants to be unfazed in times of trouble because they cannot be overwhelmed by any turbulent situation, saying, “You are God’s strength and nothing can bring you down.”

He further said that Christians are God’s glory. This glory, he said, marks Christians out as special people. He, therefore, charged the congregants to conduct their affairs as receptacles of divine glory by way of dressing, eating, and maintaining a clean environment and surroundings to make Christianity more attractive and appealing to compel non-Christians to come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

The New Tafo Area Head continued that Christians are God’s people. He enlightened that as God’s people, Christians have the seal of God (Holy Spirit) upon their lives which makes them untouchable by the devil.

Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku further indicated that Christians are God’s legacy whom He cherishes because He purchased them with the unblemished blood of Jesus. According to him, God does not consider Christians as mere beings, but as His inheritance. For this reason, he noted, God holds Christians dear and will not leave them to the mercies of the evil one. He, thus, urged the congregants to be fearless of anything because they are divinely protected.

After the sermon, Pastor Charles Oduro of Yennyawoso District took the congregants through the period of prayer.

Present at the service were Mrs. Victoria Tetteh Doku (Wife of the Area Head), the Area pastorate and their spouses, among others.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

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