Area Deacons Orientation Seminar Underway At Pentecost Pension House 

The Finance Board of The Church of Pentecost is organising a three-day orientation seminar for Area Deacons of the Church at the Pentecost Guest House at Gbawe in Accra.

The event, which was officially opened today (October 5, 2022) by the General Secretary of the Church, Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, is aimed at reorienting Area Deacons and building their capacity to execute their duties efficiently. 

All area deacons from the 76 administrative areas of the Church are, thus, expected to take part in the orientation seminar.

As part of the orientation, participants would be taken through various topics, including Overview of Policies, Role of Area Deacons, Financial Policies of The Church of Pentecost, Area Deacons’ Manual, and the Funds Mobilisation Role of the Area Deacon.

Other topics to be treated are: “Reporting to the Headquarters,” “Audit,” “The Area Deacon’s Relationship with Ministers” and “The Church of Pentecost Digitisation Project.”

Speaking on the topic “Testimonial” at the opening session, Apostle A.N.Y. Kumi-Larbi advised Christians to live in such a way that God and the people around them would give a good testimony about them.

He said that the Bible is filled with many good testimonies of individuals who left a positive imprint on the lives, hearts and minds of others through their actions and deeds. He cited Demetrius (3 John 12) and Gaius (Romans 16:23, 1 Corinthians 1:14, 3 John 4-5) as examples of men who were remembered for their good deeds.

He, therefore, urged Christians to lead purposeful lives and dedicate their time, treasures and talents to the service of God and humanity in order to make greater impact and leave behind a lasting legacy.

“While you cannot control how others choose to remember you, you can decide how you live your life according to the truth, your values, and principles,” he said.

In an interview with PENTECOST NEWS after the session, the Finance and Administration Director (FAD) at the Church’s headquarters, Apostle Lawrence Otu-Nyarko, who serves as the Secretary to the Finance Board, underlined the importance of the orientation seminar for Area Deacons.

“Area Deacons are considered the “primary presbyters” of the Church. They are highly valued in The Church of Pentecost because they are responsible for the Church’s finances. The orientation seminar is therefore necessary to guide them in their operations,” he said.

The Finance Board Chairman, Prof. Stephen Owusu-Kwankye, added that the orientation would greatly benefit newly-appointed Area Deacons as it would provide them excel in their new mandate.

Speakers for the seminar are Apostle Eric Nyamekye (Chairman, The Church of Pentecost), Apostle A. N. Y. Kumi-Larbi, Apostle Emmanuel Agyemang-Bekoe (International Missions Director, The Church of Pentecost), Elder Professor Stephen Owusu-Kwankye (Finance Board Chairman), Apostle Lawrence Otu-Nyarko and Elder J. B. Miah (Madina Area Deacon)

Present at the event are Mrs. Ruth Adjabeng (Finance Board Member), Elder Samuel Danso (Finance Board Member and Suhum Area Deacon), and Elder Kwasi Afram (Deputy Finance Manager, The Church of Pentecost – Headquarters).

The seminar is expected to close on Friday, October 7, 2022.


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