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You Are Called To Bring Positive Change In The Home – Mrs. Charlotte Amegatcher

The Madina Area Women’s Ministry Leader of The Church of Pentecost, Deaconess Charlotte Konadu Amegatcher, has advised Christian women to see themselves as positive transformers in the home.

“You have been called to bring positive transformation to the home and not to cause chaos in the home,” she added.

Mrs Amegatcher made these assertions at Sychar Prayer Grounds in Madina on Monday, May 6, 2019, during the Opening Session of 2019 National Women’s Ministry Week Celebration, dubbed “Women Possessing The Nation By Possessing The Home.”

Referring to Genesis 18:19 and Proverbs 14:29, she said that, Christian women are responsible and accountable for taking good care of their homes, husbands, and also teaching their children biblical values and righteousness so that they can all enjoy the presence, peace, grace and the blessings of God.

According to her, the fear of God is an exceptional basic tool to transform the home, church, society and the nation. “Know that, God is the foundation of the home. Fear Him and build on His foundation. Have a family altar for devotion, Bible studies and prayers. Make God’s presence be felt in the home, and let His attributes reflect in your lifestyle to transform your husband and children to affect the entire home, family, society, church and the nation,” she asserted.

She urged women to know that, only God and their quality lifestyles, attitudes and characters can change their husbands but not the pressure they exert on their husbands. “Your lifestyle determines your home, and so your home will reflect your Christian lifestyle and values. So let the reflection of your Christian lifestyle, character and attitude be felt in the home to change your husband and the children,” she stressed.

Mrs Amegatcher further urged Christian women to seek peace in the home and eschew creating unnecessary and unprofitable tension in the home through the use of sarcastic words, abusive responses, negative semiotic reactions, and discouraging messages on their children and husbands.

“When you disgrace or curse your husband or children, know that, you are disgracing and cursing yourself indirectly. When it is well with them, it will be well with you and when they suffer, so you will enjoy their suffering too. However, such negative words, responses, semiotics and reactions must not come from you being an agent of transformation, ready to possess and transform the home, society and the nations,” she added.

She said that women are also placed in the home for quality training of children, saying, “When children are well equipped and trained, they learn to possess and drive their own life through sound decision making which will result in glory, respect and reputation to the home. So have enough time in training and encouraging your children. If you rush and spend all your time on work without thinking of the home and your children, you may get the money you want but if care is not taken, you will spend all the monies on unnecessary bills as result of strange attitudes exhibited by your children.”

She urged women to be contend and learn to honour and appreciate the little things and efforts from their husbands. “Your husband is unique so value him, respect him and honour him. Never compare your husband to anybody because they can never be the same,” she said.

She also called on Christians to learn how to understand issues, manage and control their anger, emotions and reactions toward one another. “Quick temper can be like fire out of control burning everyone in the home, dividing the home and pushing couples to make decision that can cause bitterness, regret and guilt.

“Never let sun go down on your anger. Determine to regulate your emotions or reactions and pray that God will help you control quick temper,” she advised.

Deaconess Charlotte Konadu Amegatcher advised Christians to practice forgiveness and avoid promotion of gunny sacking in the home, adding that, retrieving and stirring up past grievances make the other person also reciprocates and when it happens so, the original problem is never addressed, resulting in increase in resentment and hostility.

“You have no option than to forgive your spouse, children and relatives because your worse sin has been forgiven on the cross without a cost,” she concluded.

Report by Joshua Asamoah Darko.

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