Adukrom accident

Pastor Ebo Baiden, Family Saved From Accident

It took the hand of the Lord to rescue Pastor Alex Ebo Baiden and his family from a deadly situation when a Sprinter Bus on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, crashed into the Adukrom Akuapem District Mission House of The Church of Pentecost.

The incident happened at about 3:00pm when the vehicle with registration number GR-5789-18 which was about to offload tiles at Dordiak Preparatory School, a nearby school situated on a hill. While the driver was offloading the tiles, he realized that the stationary vehicle was moving downhill towards the mission house, which is at the base of the hill.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver’s mate who was then inside the vehicle, jumped out. The vehicle with no driver ran straight into the District Mission House, crashed into one of the bedrooms, causing considerable damages to the building and some items in the room. However, to the glory of God, none of the occupants of the house was hurt in the process.

Mrs Faustina Baiden, wife of the District Pastor, who was then in the house with her husband, said she heard a loud sound which was quite scaring, thinking that something had hit their wall.

As she went out with the husband and some church members who were with them at the time, they realized that it was rather a vehicle that had ran into the mission house.

The amazing thing is that, the usual place the pastor’s children play after school, was the exact place the incident happened. But for divine orchestrations, the children did not hurry home after closing. So the incident happened before they got home.

Pastor Alex Ebo Baiden and his family were full of thanks to God for saving their lives.

Report by Pastor Musa Yahaya, Koforidua PIWC.

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