Yield To Jesus’ Curriculum – Dr. Frey Tells Christians

Dr. Ernie Frey, Global Director of African Strategic Discipleship Movement (ASDM) on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 has asked Christians to yield to the curriculum of Jesus Christ.

“In Jesus’ Curriculum, he shapes us to be like Himself,” he stated.

Dr. Frey said this at the ongoing Lay Leaders Training School Trainers of Trainees (LLTSTOT) programme which commenced on Sunday 19th is expected to end on Friday 24th May, 2019 at the Pentecost Convention Centre.

Reading from John 15:1-5 and Second Corinthians 5:17, Dr. Frey intimated that, the curriculum of Jesus is aimed at bringing God’s desired change in the life of the believer.

Dr. Frey bemoaned the situation where in the multitude of Christians, all manner of ungodly acts abound. He reiterated that, every Christian must go through the pruning of God in order to remain beneficial to the Kingdom of God.

“As a Christian, you must go through the knife of God, so that you can bear useful fruits”, he stated.

The Global Director of ASDM explained the three key points in the biblical pruning process. In the pruning process, God is the architect because He is the Gardener; God marks the person and areas to be pruned; pruning brings out maximum fruitfulness.

Dr. Ernie Frey outlined three main areas the Christian’s life which need pruning and he dubbed them 3P. They are Pride, Purity and Patience.

Pride according to Dr. Frey comes before the fall. He stated that, many Christian leaders after beginning well in Christ, are overtaken by pride.

In terms of purity, he admonished Christians to watch their sexual conduct. He posed a rhetorical question to the hearers, “What are you doing to protect yourself from sexual immorality?”

Explaining why God needs to prune the patience of the Christian, he stated that, many Christians after beginning well with their ministerial service in Christ, no sooner do they glamour for wide audience recognition. Again, people want things in their lives to change overnight; they are simply not patient with God. He advised Christians to be patient with God and follow the Jesus’ Curriculum tailored for them.

He concluded the message on the premise that, with God leading The Church of Pentecost to possess nations, conscious efforts must be made to ensure that, every person who has been with Christ will follow Jesus’ curriculum to be like Him.

Dr. Ernie Frey came in the company of his wife, Anne Frey and daughter, Madison Frey who are in the country for ASDM seminar. Also present at the service were Apostles Samuel Kojo Gakpetor (Coordinator), Vincent Anane Denteh, Boakye Agyarko, Pastors Henry Ako-Nai, Eric Kweku Ansah and Joseph Owusu Boateng who constitute the National Discipleship and Leadership Development Committee (NDLDC). Others included Apostle G.O.D Debrah, facilitators and participants of LLTSTOT.

In a related development, Apostle Samuel Kojo Gakpetor stated that, he was permitted by the leadership of The Church of Pentecost since 2013 to familiarize himself with the discipleship model of ASDM. Currently, Apostle Gakpetor is one of the five leaders of ASDM. He used the occasion to explain the mandate of the Discipleship Movement and eulogized Dr. Ernie Frey as “an American with African heart.”

Report By: Pastors Gordon Ansah & Ernest Perbi-Asare

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