Work On Your Weaknesses- Ministers Of The Gospel Advised

The residential retreat for ministers and wives in the Mampong Area of The Church of Pentecost came to an end successfully on last Thursday with a clarion call on participants to constantly work on their character to enable them have a fruitful ministry. 

The call was made by the Mampong Area Head, Pastor Samuel Kwabena Asare, when he delivered a sermon on the topic: “Lessons about Judas Iscariot,” at the event.

Speaking to participants, Pastor Asare said Christians, particularly ministers, should not be quick to point accusing fingers at Judas Iscariot since they sometimes share some common traits with him. 

Referencing Matthew 10:1-4, he indicated that Judas Iscariot started well in ministry, but his inability to deal with his weakness (materialism) led him to the ill-fated end. 

Pastor Asare, therefore, advised ministers against harbouring any private sin or secret weakness by opening up to God and trusted colleagues to help them. He also cautioned them to never give out the precious Jesus in exchange for anything in this world (Matthew 26:15). 

He further stated that a minister’s primary identity is his actions (behaviour) and not his charisma, adding that “since the character fuels or sustains the ministry, it should always be in check. 

“The grace, power and Spirit of God working behind and through us is the only source or secret and, therefore, should be our prayer if we desire our ministry to be fruitful,” he asserted.

The four-day prayer and fasting retreat, which commenced on Monday, September 6, 2021, was held at Mary Afia Amaniampong Temple (MAAT) auditorium.

Participants were also taken through other topics such as “The Mandate of The Caller and The Call to Possess the Nations; Responding to Ministerial Criticism; Sufficient Grace for the Work of Ministry in Possessing the Nations; and Bearing the Perpetual Mark as A Glorious Minister.”

The topics were handled by Pastor Vincent Cudjoe Amuzu, Pastor Daniel K. Amedey, Pastor Timothy Afum Adipah and Pastor Samuel Asare Asamoah, respectively.  

As part of the event, newly posted ministers and wives in the Area were duly welcomed and oriented on some issues of concern.

Report by Overseer Michael Osei-Yeboah.

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