Women’s Director Visits Nii Boiman District web

Women’s Director Visits Nii Boiman District

The Women’s Director of The Church of Pentecost, Deaconess Philomina Mireku, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, paid a visit to the Nii Boiman District in the Kaneshie Area as part of the National Women’s Week celebration.

Deaconess Mireku who was welcomed into the district by the Kaneshie Area Women’s Ministry leader, Deaconess Afua Owusua Danso, and the District Women’s Ministry executives encouraged the women not to allow the ban on drumming and noise making to discourage them from actively participating in the week’s activities.

She indicated that women have a huge role to play in the realisation of Vision 2028 and the 2024 theme of The Church of Pentecost and should not allow anything to prevent them from contributing their quota to the growth of the church.

Delivering the sermon on the theme, ‘The woman unleashed to make impact at the workplace,’ with inspiration from Acts 16:13-16, Mrs Comfort Ansah admonished women in the church to acknowledge that they have a duty to share the good news about the salvation of Christ to others in their workplaces so they can also come to the light and be saved.

She also encouraged women not to be fearful about evangelising to others, especially in their workplaces because if they do not do so, others will lose their lives and suffer in hell.

Continuing her message, Mrs Ansah highlighted regular prayers as one of the means through which women can cause transformation at their workplaces.

She admonished women about the need for them to deliberately exhibit lifestyles that conform to the values and principles of God’s Kingdom.

According to her, character communicates a lot to people than words and so there is the need for women to exhibit character traits that will only draw people to God, instead of driving them away. This, she said, includes being time conscious and abiding by the rules and regulations governing their workplaces.

Mrs Comfort Ansah also called on women to pay their tithes and give offerings faithfully, since it is an avenue for divine blessing.

As part of the service, the Kaneshie Area Women’s Ministry honoured the Women’s Director with a special hamper ahead of the Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.  

Report by Kaneshie Area Media

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