Greater Accra Ministers Wives Sensitised On Health Issues web

Greater Accra Ministers Wives Sensitised On Health Issues

Wives of ministers of The Church of Pentecost in the Greater Accra Region on Thursday, May 9, 2024, held their bimonthly meetings at the Dr Thomas Wyatt Worship Centre in Accra Newtown, with a sensitisation on women’s health issues.

A consultant orthopedic surgeon at the 37 Military Hospital and Minister at the Trinity Baptist Church, Rev. Dr Romeo Kwabena Agyapong, who was the resource person, spoke about the nervous system, bones, and posture and other health issues related to women.

Dr. Agyapong emphasised that the human body is designed by God in a way that prevents friction and pain between bones. However, he noted that certain activities and factors, such as pregnancy, weight, and joint posture, can contribute to changes in the shape of the spine, particularly in women.

The surgeon noted that it is important to maintain proper posture when sitting or walking to keep the spine in place. He also recommended that women should sleep on pillows with a thickness of not more than 6 inches, as any position on the bed can affect the spine as one ages.

He highlighted that women are more susceptible to spine and bone challenges compared to men. They are also prune to other health risks like osteoarthritis, spondylosis, fractures, and bone pain.

Dr Agyapong, therefore, recommended various preventive measures, such as consuming foods that prevent osteoporosis, like herring, royal dates, snail and milk as well as regular exercise.

For those already dealing with these health issues, the surgeon suggested various treatment options, including physiotherapy, medications, injections, and joint replacement surgery. He also emphasised the importance of lifestyle changes, such as learning to use canes or walking aids, wearing knee rings, and using topical medications.

The event was graced with the presence of Mrs Mary Nyamekye, the wife of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost.


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