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Winneba Area Organises ‘Empowering Families To Disciple Children’ Seminar

The Winneba Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a day’s seminar for all District Ministers and their wives in the Area.

The seminar, which took place at Calvary assembly in the Lowcost District on 23rd July, 2020, was under the chairmanship of the Area Head, Apostle Samuel Otu Appiah.

The facilitators were Pastor Ebenezer Kpalam (Member of the Children’s Ministry National Executive Committee and District Minister for Gomoa Kyiren), and Pastor Bismark Aidan (District Minister of Apam). They treated the main topic, “Empowering families to disciple the children.”

In a presentation, Pastor Kpalam stated: “Parents are responsible for the holistic training of their children. Parents think the training of their children is the responsibility of the church alone.  Again, parents are also comfortable in delegating the training of their children to others.”

He urged parents to intentionally train their children at home since it is their religious duty. He entreated parents to spend at least 30 minutes of their time every day in teaching their children.

He stated: “The Jewish people start the training of their children right from the time the child starts breastfeeding. According to the Jewish custom, the mother teaches the children moral lessons while the father teaches the Torah. At age 3, children were made to recite the Shemah.

“It is expected that every Jewish child recites Deuteronomy chapter six verse four after waking up from sleep and before going to bed” he added.

Pastor Kpalam added that parents are to play the dual role of shepherd and captain. As a captain, he said, parents are expected to organise, train, lead and monitor their children. It should be intentional.

“The Bible is a big book that contains stories- God, Man, Sin and Salvation. Jesus Christ used about 95% stories/parables in his teachings,” he disclosed, while admonishing the participants to use stories to teach their children.

Pastor Aidan, on his part, led the participants through the topic, “God’s Heart for the Family.”

He explained that families are created by God (Genesis 2:24-26); families are the tools by which God makes Himself known through generation to generation (Psalm 78:3-7); the family must teach their children about God and His works so that they can keep hope and trust in Him; families are to guide their children (Proverbs 22:6), and then to honour and train each other (Ephesian 6:1-4). He also asked parents to train their children in love.

In an exhortation given by Pastor Fedalis Yeboah of Otsew Jukwa District on the topic, “The Law of Location” based on Genesis 2:8, stated: “When God places you at the right location, you will surely succeed. Every location has its own actions to be taken. You do not determine your location but God. “In the midst of challenges at the location, pray to God for His sustenance.”

The Area Head, Apostle Otu Appiah, in a remark, admonished the participants to be content wherever they are now. In The Church of Pentecost, you do not determine your location but its God and Church leadership,” he stressed.

In all, about 42 people attended the programme including Noble Mrs. Gifty Dansoah Appiah, the wife of the Area Head.

Report by Pastor Isaac Sunkwah, Winneba.

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