We Need To Sustain Discussions On NADEC'23 web

We Need To Sustain Discussions On NADEC’23

I have seen people try to rubbish the idea of the establishment of a National Morality and Integrity Council; however, I think it is something worth discussing.

The current state of politics in our land is bereft of morality and integrity. I’ve heard arguments about the existence of CHRAJ, the Office of the Special Prosecutor, EOCO, et al., but let’s be truthful to ourselves: how have these established bodies really advanced anything regarding morality and enforced the same?

Again, I have read arguments about the Church in Ghana being complicit on issues of morality and integrity. Granted that the church in Ghana is complicit, is it far from right if the church decides that, “okay, let’s start making amends and start righting the wrongs from somewhere?”

It is important to establish that the Church is the custodian of Morality, and the Bible is the standard for morality. As a Christian, this is my belief.

It is on this basis that I believe the Church in Ghana should lead such a discussion on morality and integrity.

Personally, I think this agenda should be a non-denominational one. That is why I was excited about Apostle Eric Nyamekye’s point that all flags should be subservient to the Ghana flag.

Similarly, this agenda on morality and integrity should be subservient to any one denomination’s vision and agenda, and it is heartwarming that we saw this quite clearly at the opening session of the recently-held National Development Conference 2023 (NADEC’23), with Muslim clerics and other denominational Heads not only present but also equally sharing the platform of The Church of Pentecost in advancing their thoughts on how this can be achieved.

From every speaker, right from the Vice President, H. E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, to the former president, H. E. John Dramani Mahama, to the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon. Alban Kingsford Bagbin, to the Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Justice Gertrude Torkornoo, to the former President, H. E. John Agyekum Kufour, they all admitted there is a problem and a disconnect between governance and morality, and this is the reason a discussion beyond such a great event is crucially important.

Let me give you one reason why it is important for us to sustain this discussion and have it worked out.

There is a certain “proposition” in politics called “girls for votes.” I don’t want to call it a theory because I’m not so sure it’s grounded in empiricism. By this analogy, the known and influential men in politics, once they have multiple “girlfriends and squeezes and sharps,” these ladies will invariably bring in votes from their friends and families. And anyone tells me there’s not a breakdown in morality which is crucial for Ghana to urgently conduct a surgical procedure and administer some moral pills? Food for thought!

One last thing I think we need to consider while addressing the issue of governance and morality and integrity and corruption is the issue of Political party funding. It’s one major factor and enabler of corruption in the land.

We will continue the discussion some other day.


Written by Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boate (#SofoQB)

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