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Trust In The Lord For Good Marriage Partners – Apostle Badu Wood

The Kasoa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Ekow Badu Wood, and his wife, Joana have challenged Christian young men and women to trust the Lord for their choice of life partners while preparing to enter into marriage.

“Young men must be courageous and conscious of the fact that the women they are preparing to marry are precious, hence they must prepare holistically in order to have a God-pleasing relationship and marriage,” they advised.

The Woods gave the admonition during a visit to the Korle Bu Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) at the climax of the Ladies’ Wing week celebration on Sunday, March 17, 2019. In attendance at the service were the Greater Accra PENSA Travelling Secretary, Pastor Ebenezer Hagan, and his wife Priscilla.

The couple spoke on the topic, “What Every Young Woman Should Know,” and “What Every Young Man Should Know.”

Apostle Ekow Badu Wood, who spoke on the topic, “What Every Man should Know,” encouraged Christian young men who are ready for marriage to speak forth and take initiatives toward relationship and marriage since men are vision-oriented while women are hearing-oriented.

He explained that Adam was alone for sometimes before Eve came into his life and so men seem to like solitude. However, at the sight of Eve, Adam began to talk and give compliment. He opined that, “genuine verbal compliment has a more dramatic effect on women than men.”

Reading from Genesis 2:22-24, Apostle Wood entreated the members to reflect on the text in order to learn vital lessons as they prepare towards marriage.

The former Executive Council Member also encouraged the men to pray and grow their vision before taking ultimate step in marriage. According to him, it would be a disaster to marry a man with no vision since the vision of a man gives him a mission.

Mrs. Joana Badu Wood, on her part, advised the ladies to spend time in nurturing their inner beauties rather than their physical outlook.

“Believe in yourself because you are beautiful. You’re a flower in its full blossom; however, you need to understand the things of God,” she posited.

Using Aksah, daughter of Caleb, as a case study (Judges 1:12-15), Mrs. Wood advised the ladies not to be too anxious for marriage but patiently wait until the appointed time of God to bless them with their husbands.

She explained that Aksah waited for her father Caleb to give her out as wife to Othniel, son of Kenaz. She charged Christian young women to wait on their Father in heaven [God] in prayers and holiness and clothe themselves with modesty for He has the best husbands for them.

Mrs. Wood, who is the author of the book, “Vitamins for Marriage,” counseled Christian young women to understand their God-given role in marriage to avoid grumbling and rather glorify God by fulfilling their roles in the home. She also challenged Christian young women to accept the headship of their husbands and pray for them so that the husbands would take them to their vision.

She used the occasion to admonish women to hold their husbands in high esteem and respect them in all things, adding that during weddings the women are glorified and given all the attention. “It is therefore appropriate that the man with an in-built desire for respect, is accorded same. If there is a reason why you can’t respect him let him go, or you will destroy him,” she stressed.

Report by Stephen Ofotsu Ofoe

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