THE NATIONAL YOUTH QUIZ; The Thrills, The Tales and the Tests WEB

THE NATIONAL YOUTH QUIZ; The Thrills, The Tales And The Tests

The National Youth Quiz of The Church of Pentecost Youth Ministry in its over decade years of existence has successfully meandered its way into the hearts and homes of members of the Church of Pentecost, reviving memories of encounters either as a coach or contestant.

The other significant majority of the observers usually have some facts drawn from National Youth Quiz Competition (NYQC) stories, gathered either by reading or listening. Those who have once contested at any level have once and again had fears apart from the facts. Thus, it’s one thing to hear and it’s one thing experiencing it.

As a contestant, either past or present, one is likely to go into the contest either prepared or unprepared, hopeful or doubtful, expectant or pessimistic and so on based on one’s decision to participate at a particular time, one’s self-confidence in the ability to commit to memory the areas of study provided and a third party, the coach or the inspiring factor.

Usually in January every year, the guidelines surrounding that year’s quiz is circulated by the directorate. Before the advent of a more sophisticated means of information circulation in online spaces like WhatsApp, only the areas of study and other related info are hand-picked from the entire document which was usually read to the hearing of those gathered in a meeting. Such announcements are usually saved for the concluding moments of the meeting. Area/District/Local leaders, depending on the kind of meeting, will quickly note them down somewhere in their diaries for later circulation at their meetings.

It has been proven that the earlier these guidelines are released to the church populace, the more they contribute maximally to the preparation of those interested, leading to great output. It has also been proven that, releasing the guidelines on time and seeing to it that, the hearers with potential required by the competition, get the needed study materials and prepare goes a long way to bringing home laurels even at the National Level.

When it used to have the Question and Answer (Q&A) and Bible Bee Contests fused, contestants faced a great deal of memorization from the archaeology to zoology of the study areas. Sitting arrangements could also be a deciding factor as to who claims the ultimate. Nonetheless, proper preparation is an ingredient one cannot do without, in preparing for the National Youth Quiz.

With a vision put in place to ground the youth and unleash them everywhere, the National Youth Quiz remains a vital arsenal in the hands of leadership to center the hearts and minds of young people on the values and principles of the Kingdom of God repositioned to take their spheres for Christ.

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