The Church of Pentecost Starts Free Medical Clinic in St. Lucia web

The Church of Pentecost Starts Free Medical Clinic In St. Lucia

The Church of Pentecost has initiated a monthly medical clinic in St. Lucia to serve residents of the Eastern Caribbean island nation.

At the medical clinic, services such as blood pressure and blood sugar checks, eye screenings, and professional counseling are offered free of charge to attendees who might otherwise not seek medical care due to financial constraints, old age, or other socioeconomic factors.

The Church of Pentecost in St. Lucia, which was inaugurated on September 17, 2023, includes two medical doctors and a team of health practitioners who have volunteered their time to serve the community.

Since its inception, the medical clinic has received a favorable response and high patronage from community members, who have expressed their gratitude to the Church for this intervention.

This initiative has provided the Church with the opportunity to get to know the community residents better and to serve them in line with the transformative power of the Gospel.

A Gospel station has been set up as part of the clinic, engaging patrons with the message of the Gospel. Some have surrendered their lives to Christ and joined the church.

In its quest to pursue holistic ministry, the leadership of the Church is seeking partners and sponsors to help provide more efficient services to the community.

“There is a need to support those who patronize our services with prescriptions and glasses, as many are unable to afford them on their own,” said Pastor Andrew Amankwaah, the National Head. “In the immediate future, we aim to provide mobile services to surrounding communities and villages, which will require a van and other medical logistics.”

Report by St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines Media Team

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