The Church of Pentecost Now In 109 Countries

The Church of Pentecost, a global Pentecostal church with headquarters in Accra-Ghana, is now operating in 109 out of the 195 nations in all seven continents of the world, making it one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

The Chairman of the church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, disclosed this in a State of the Church Address for the year 2020 at the opening session of the virtual 45th Session of the General Council Meetings of the church, on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

According to the Chairman, despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the church made sterling gains in all aspects in the past year.

He disclosed that the total membership of the church worldwide now stands at 3,623,011, recording a growth rate of 4.3% over the previous year. Out of the church’s 3,623,011 global membership, 3,081,862 are in Ghana, constituting 85.1%. Apostle Nyamekye indicated that the church’s current membership in Ghana constitutes 9.92% of the total estimated 2020 Ghanaian population of 31,072,9401. “This also constitutes approximately 14% of the total Christian population in Ghana, which is estimated to be 71.2% of the Ghanaian population,” he stated.

Chairman Nyamekye pointed out that 73.9% of the church’s membership in Ghana is made up of children and youth (up to 35 years), saying, “It is, therefore, important for leadership at all levels to continue to give significant attention to nurturing these young people in a manner that will position them to contribute greatly to the course of the church.”

The Chairman further revealed that the church opened 746 new assemblies worldwide, created 124 districts, and won a total of 195,636 new persons into the body of Christ in 2020 despite the pandemic which affected most religious activities globally.

He further mentioned that the number of assemblies (local churches) in Ghana alone as of December 2020 was 17,422, with a total of 1,523 districts, and 71 administrative areas.


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