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CoP Members Encouraged To Be Strong and Courageous

Reverend David Campbell, a Senior Pastor of the Elim Pentecostal Churches, UK, has urged ministers and members of The Church of Pentecost to be strong and courageous in the pursuance of the “Possessing the Nations” agenda.

According to him, the task of transforming nations with Kingdom values and principles is no small feat and would therefore require great courage on the part of all those involved, particularly the leadership of the church.

Preaching on the topic: “Be Strong & Courageous” inspired by Joshua 1:1-4, Rev. Campbell emphasised the need for the church of the contemporary generation to step out of the shadows of their past heroes and to fully embrace what God is doing through the church today, saying, “the first principle of laying hold of the future is realising that yesterday is gone.”

He, however, advised the church not to disregard its glorious history, but draw strength from the past while being mindful of the mandate they have been given to take hold of the future.

“This is a new era! It is a season to partner with God for revival. It is time to equip the saints for a great revival. This does not mean we should forget the past. No, not at all. The Church of Pentecost is one with a glorious past and is known for how well it honours those who have laboured in the past; however, we must be mindful that God has called us to the future, and it is now time for this generation to take up the responsibility,” he said.

He added: “Sometimes, we must stop looking around for mighty men and maybe start looking in the mirror; perhaps it is our time now! We are the people the Lord is partnering with. This is the time to be strong, and very courageous.”

Rev. Campbell explained that often the almighty God partners with humans not because He cannot accomplish His will on His own, but because He wants to give them significance.

“Is it not amazing how God uses imperfect people with imperfect ways to accomplish His perfect will? God is partnering with The Church of Pentecost in this generation. So do not be frightened but be strong. For the best is yet to come,” he said.

He urged the church to continue to hold fast to the word of God and equip the members to remain steadfast in the Word.

“We must not lose the word of God. We must equip members to read the word and to keep it in their heart. We must remain in the Word and become people of the Word; reading it constantly and carrying the name of Jesus with them everywhere we go,” he said.

After the sermon, the General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Churches, Rev. Chris Cartwright, said a word of prayer for the current generation of the church and for the grace to realise the “Possessing the Nations” agenda.

Rev. Chris Cartwright and Rev. David Campbell joined the 45th General Council Meeting via a Zoom video conferencing. The meeting, which began on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, is under the theme: “A Glorious Church Revived to Possess the Nations.”


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