The Blood Of Jesus Is Superior – Pastor Augustus Akonu web

The Blood Of Jesus Is Superior – Pastor Augustus Akonu

The Afienya District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Augustus Akonu, has said that the blood of Jesus stands out as unparalleled, offering a message of hope, salvation, and authority beyond comparison.

Pastor Augustus Akonu, who also serves as Chairman for the Afienya Zone in the Ashaiman Area, made this assertion when he delivered a message titled “We Have Come to the Superior Blood” at the recently held Easter Convention at the Accra Lorry Station.

Drawing from biblical references such as Genesis 4:9-11, Hebrews 12:22-24, and Hebrews 9:11-12, Pastor Akonu highlighted the unique qualities of Christ’s blood compared to that of Abel.

He stressed that Christ’s blood speaks better things even compared to the blood of a righteous man like Abel, indicating its superiority in life, strength, and power.

The Afienya Zone Chairman conveyed the idea that a person’s blood is inseparable from their identity, noting that even in death, one’s blood retains a connection to the individual.

By contrasting Cain and Abel’s story with the heavenly significance of Jesus’ blood, Pastor Akonu underscored the unmatched superiority of Christ’s blood, which speaks from Heaven.

He explained that the blood of Jesus bears a superior witness, overpowering any opposing force or judgment.

Using the example of a woman caught in a sinful act facing condemnation under the law, Pastor Akonu illustrated how Jesus’ voice of compassion and forgiveness silenced the accusers, underscoring the unique power of Jesus’ blood to bring grace and redemption.

The Afienya Zone Chairman highlighted the superior voice of Jesus’ blood, drowning out doubts and negativity, reinforcing the faith and drowning out conflicting voices or doubts. I am running a few minutes late; my previous meeting is running over.

Pastor Akonu shared a personal experience, expressing how the loud and authoritative voice of Jesus’ blood dispelled uncertainties and opposition, leading to a stronger and unwavering faith.

He further expounded on the superior power and authority inherent in Jesus’ blood, emphasising its priceless nature that cannot be bought or sold.

Pastor Akonu addressed the influence of ancestral blood in heritage, suggesting the transformative power of applying Jesus’ blood to establish a new narrative and break generational curses, ushering in blessings and protection for his family.

Concluding his message, Pastor Augustus Akonu stressed the unparalleled potency of Jesus’ blood, surpassing all other influences and ancestral ties.

He expressed a firm commitment to rely solely on the power of Jesus’ blood and the transformative impact it brings, heralding a shift from ancestral curses to ancestral blessings and a resolute faith in the unmatched authority of Jesus, the man-born God.

Pastor Augustus Akonu articulated that while much is said about blood, the message and impact of Jesus’ blood stand out as unparalleled, offering a message of hope, salvation, and authority beyond comparison.

Report by Afienya Estate District Media Team

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