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God Has A Word For Every Situation – Apostle Anthony Mensah Asserts

The Resident Minister for the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC)-Atomic, Apostle Anthony Mensah, has asserted that God has a word to deal with every situation His people find themselves in.

Apostle Mensah made this assertion on Friday, April 12, 2024, when he delivering a sermon at the morning session on the final day of the ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade.’

Speaking on the theme, “There is a word for the situation,” he explained that God intentionally allows His people to experience challenging situations because He has the power to save them.

He revealed that God uses three categories of words to save His people: the spirit word, the incarnate word, and the written word.

According to him, the spirit word is the word of God that is in Christians who have the Holy Spirit in them, and that word functions through them.

Touching on the incarnate word, he explained that it is the word of God that brings life to seemingly dead and hopeless situations, saying, “This word represents Jesus, who brought life and transformation wherever He went.”

Apostle Mensah noted that this word travels faster than light and nothing can stop it. Jesus demonstrated this by commanding healing instead of praying for it, he stated.

For this, he said, Jesus did not pray for healing; he commanded it.

Regarding the ‘written word,’ he explained that it is captured from the book of Genesis to Revelation and is written for the complete joy of His people as captured in 1 John 1:4

Apostle Mensah used the story of Jesus sleeping in the boat during a storm, as recorded in Mark 4:35-41, to illustrate God’s orchestration of challenges in believers’ lives.

He further asserted that Jesus was very much aware of the troubling situation the disciples were going through, but He deliberately ignored them until they would acknowledge that He has the power to calm the storms.

He explained that just like Jesus deliberately ignored the disciples in the stormy situation, God also orchestrates or allows His people to go through challenges, hoping that they will not try to handle the situation by themselves but hand it over completely to God so He turns the situation around for good.


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