Speak With Decorum – Mrs Mary Nyamekye To Christian Women

The wife of the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs Mary Nyamekye, has called on Christian women to be decorous in all their endeavours in their quest to possess their spheres for Christ.

Mrs Nyamekye said this when she visited the Anyaa-Ablekuma Area of the Church  on Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

Delivering a message on the topic; “The Christian woman and her tongue,” Mrs Nyamekye emphasised the importance of the tongue to the human body, highlighting its roles in tasting, speaking, and chewing.

She, however, underscored the potential dangers of an uncontrolled tongue, stating that it could bring pain and destruction to both individuals and society.

Drawing inspiration from Proverbs 31:26, Mrs Nyamekye urged all women to exercise caution and thoughtfulness in their speech, emphasising the need for decorum and respect.

She encouraged women to emulate the qualities of a virtuous woman as described in the Bible and advised them to communicate with grace, especially within their families and communities, to foster peace and unity.

Mrs Nyamekye stressed that as Christian women, it is essential to spread the word of God through their words, ensuring that they bring life and glory to God.

She referenced Colossians 4:6, urging everyone to let their speech be gracious and seasoned with salt, demonstrating a Christ-like demeanour in their interactions.

She further reminded all gathered of their duty to support ministry leaders in their respective districts and encouraged active involvement and assistance in fulfilling their roles within the Church.


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