Rise In Prayer; A Closed Mouth Is A Closed Destiny – Pastor Oduro Tells Believers

The Yennyawoso District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Charles Oduro, has called on Christians to rise in prayer to turn their fortunes around.

According to him, prayer superintends all things and fulfils one’s destiny in life.

“Prayer controls your life, marriage, family, children, business, and finances,” he said, stressing that, “A closed mouth is a closed destiny.”

Pastor Oduro made the call during the Preparatory Prayer Meeting towards the Yennyawoso District 2021 Easter Convention on Monday, March 29, 2021, at the Central Assembly auditorium. 

Addressing the congregants, he explained that prayer makes one strong and powerful in the Lord. Such a person, he said, becomes a threat to the devil and is able to subdue all things.

According to him, “the will of Satan is to subject mankind to sufferings, problems and persecutions, but it takes prayer to thwart the efforts of the devil and negate his evil schemes.”

Supporting his exhortation with scriptures from James 5:16-18, Pastor Oduro noted that whoever prays wields enormous power to control all affairs.

“If you know how to pray, you have power. There are two things involved – either you will override things or things will override you, but it takes a prayerful Christian to triumph,” he said while urging the gathering not to rest on their oars in prayer.

The Yennyawoso District Minister, particularly admonished church leaders to be committed to prayer in the discharge of their leadership duties as it remains the key to advancing the kingdom business, cautioning that, “prayerless leaders hinder the progress of God’s work.”

Pastor Charles Oduro who reiterated the need for Christians to steadfastly pray, further disclosed that “cooperate prayer with a common goal releases power, which is so tremendous to change things and trample upon the power of the enemy.”

“Grace abounds in the presence of the throne and with prayer, we will be able to garner all our blessings,” he concluded.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

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