Rise Above Mediocrity – Pastor Dwamena Asante Tells Christian Leaders


The Nkwanta Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Seth Dwamena Asante, has charged Christian leaders not to rest on their oars but always strive for excellence in every endeavour.

Pastor Dwamena Asante gave this advice on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, during the ministers and wives session of the recently-held Aflao Area Ministers and Officers’ Retreat (Apostolisation) held at PIWC/French auditorium, Aflao.

Speaking on the topic “Repositioning Yourself to Live Above Mediocrity for Maximum Impact in the Ministry,” with Ecclesiastes 9:10a, John 9:4, 1 Samuel 10:1, 6-7 as his scripture references, Pastor Asante urged Christian leaders not to entertain mediocrity if they are to make the needed impact in ministry.

He stated that the goal of the Christian ministry is to make Christ known to the lost, disciple and equip them to serve God and His church and to make a positive impact within the community.

According to him, this can only be possible when Christian leaders rise above mediocrity and make excellence their hallmark.

Pastor Asante further explained that mediocrity has the tendency to reduce the impact Christian leaders make in executing their God-given assignments.

This, he said, is because it could make them settle for the minimum and not work hard to be outstanding in the great task the Lord has entrusted to them.

He lamented: “In this generation, some church workers seem to be comfortable with things that require much effort and do not yearn to attain excellence in ministry,” adding: “When not checked, mediocrity can kill one’s ministry and even destroy the church.”

The Nkwanta Area Head posited that whenever a Christian leader’s spiritual fervour begins to wane, misplaced priorities and the seeking of vain glory become the order to the day.

“Mediocrity often causes leaders to be occupied with material things at the expense of their spiritual mandate,” he said.

He mentioned procrastination and complaints as some of the attributes of a “mediocre” Christian leader.

Pastor Asante observed that oftentimes, such Christian leaders dwell on past glories instead of looking on to greatness.

To deal with this canker, he admonished Church leaders to pursue excellence, which he defined as “achieving our goals in full and also realising one’s dreams irrespective of having obstacles, having in mind that an excellent spirit dwells in them (Daniel 6:1-3).” 

Pastor Asante Dwamena stated that those who uphold excellence in ministry “soar high up like the eagle.”

He added that Christian leaders who strive for excellence often “reject anything that is less than the best and cultivate a burning desire for the various demands of the ministry. They are always in the quest of reaching out to new heights in the ministry and not being complacent.”

He, therefore, encouraged Christians, particularly Church leaders, to cut down on time spent on unprofitable ventures and push themselves outside their comfort zones in order to make maximum impact in the service of the Lord.

Report by Pastor Francis Lamptey (Aflao Area Reporter)

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