Reposition Yourself To Focus On Impact – Apostle Daniel Dekpor

Reposition Yourself To Focus On Impact – Apostle Daniel Dekpor

The National Music Committee of The Church of Pentecost has ended its end-of-year meetings. The meetings which came off at the Pentecost Pensions Guest House Gbawe from Thursday, February 16 to Friday, February 17, 2023 saw leaders of the various Area Music Committees in attendance to present reports of their stewardship in the year 2022.

Speaking at the meeting, the National Music Committee Chairman, Apostle Daniel Dekpor thanked all the Area Music Committee Leadership and the National Music Committee members for their dedication and commitment to work.

Speaking on the topic “Repositioning yourself to focus on fulfillment” from Colossians 2:1-7 and Matthew 21:1-4, he said in the Bible it is evident that people intentionally focused on fulfilling their God-given ministries.

Using the stories of Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Apostle Paul, Apostle Dekpor said although they went through lots of difficulties in their attempt to fulfill their ministries, they still did not give up but strived to do what the Lord had commissioned them to do. “Jesus remained focused in fulfilling what the scriptures had said about him.” He added.

He made known that, sometimes, people focus on other assignments while neglecting what has been assigned to them, because those look weightier and more attractive than theirs. Adding “God knows why he gave you one assignment and another person two. No matter what you have been given, make sure you focus on fulfilling what you have been given to do”.

He, therefore, encouraged the music committee chairmen to focus on fulfilling their music ministries since one day they will account for the stewardship.

The NMC took the opportunity to outline its annual calendar of activities to the Area Leaders present, including visits to the Northern RCC, Volta RCC and newly created Areas in Ashanti Region and Bono Region.

In attendance were members of the National Music Committee.

Report by Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boate

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