Prophet Adobah Visits PENSA Korle-Bu Children’s Ministry

The former Director of the Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Prophet Benjamin Augustus Adobah (Rtd), joined the Children’s Ministry of Pentecost Students and Associates, Korle-Bu (PENSA Korle-Bu ) to climax the 2019 Children’s Week Celebration on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

This year’s celebration was held from September 2 to 8, 2019 under the theme, “I will build my Church: Children are a part.”

The former director was elated when he was told that the Children’s Ministry of PENSA Korle-Bu was established 10 years ago after a child evangelism exercise was held alongside a crusade at Korle-Gonno. He endorsed the fact that the ministry provides a special case for child evangelism.

Speaking on the topic, “Setting the Children Ablaze for Christ,” Prophet Adobah read from 1 Samuel 3:5, 19-21; Luke 2:41-42, 52 and Acts 12:5, 12-16 and explained that God created the first people adults (Adam and Eve) to provide a suitable environment for parenting.

He added that it was after adults came into existence that God charged them to reproduce so that their offspring can be taken good care of. Based on this, Prophet Adobah charged Christians to position themselves well to provide excellent parenting to children.

“Every child has a certain amount of potential,” he said. He bemoaned the pervading situation in which children are looked down upon in the church and society at large.

Using the example of little Samuel in the Bible, he noted that despite the spiritual dryness in the latter days of the Judges of Israel, God found little Samuel worthy enough to speak to him.

He was however saddened for the reason that though Samuel had been staying with Eli, the High Priest for some time, Eli did not find it important to teach little Samuel the voice of God until Samuel had the challenge of discerning the voice of God.

He challenged Christians to spend time with children right from the outset to teach them about the Godhead and how to know the voice of God through prayer, Bible study and exemplary Christian living.

Drawing on the early life of Jesus, Prophet Adobah lauded the fact that Mary and Joseph sent little Jesus to the Feast of Passover. He opined that Christians must follow this particular example of Jesus’ parents and teach their children about the doctrines, practices and core values of the Christian faith.

He mentioned that the fact that Jesus was found by his parents in the temple was a clear sign that he caught the teachings of his parents.

Prophet Adobah discouraged the mistrust that people have concerning the things that children say. He said that children have a lot to offer. Like the girl Rhoda in the Bible, who the disciples rebuked for telling them the truth about Apostle Peter’s presence at the door, he advised Christians to hold in high esteem what children say.

He revealed that children have ears to hear, eyes to see and a high sense of perception.

He concluded that when children are seriously and carefully taught about God and guided on how to pray, they will be set on fire for Christ and will cling to Christ all their lives.

As part of the service, the children ministered through Bible recitations, drama, choreography and actions songs.

Report by S. Ofotsu Ofoe

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