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PIWC-Sakumono Celebrates Evangelism Week

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) – Sakumono has climaxed this year’s National Evangelism Week with dawn broadcast and placard evangelism.

The 2020 National Evangelism Week was held under the theme, “Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known as Lord and Saviour” (Acts 2: 36), from Monday, July 13 to Sunday, July 19, 2020.

As part of the activities carried out in the district, the members took to dawn broadcasting, one-on-one evangelism at Sakumono Estate Junction, and placards evangelism at the Junction Mall.

The climax of the weeklong celebration on Sunday, July 19, 2020, saw the District Evangelism Leader, Nana Obrempong Owusu, preaching on the theme, “Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known.”

He encouraged Christians to make Jesus known even in these times of the pandemic, saying, “In the midst of this pandemic, you have the opportunity to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ to the world.”

Citing the story of the woman at the well in John 4:4-42, Nana Obrempong Owusu stated that when the woman met Jesus that day her destiny changed as she gladly went back to the town to profess to people about her encounter with the destiny changer (Jesus), adding, “It was the biggest revival that took place in the town because she propagated the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

He added: “If you are a Christian and Jesus Christ is your Lord, it is not enough to profess Him by words but also by action.”

The sermon at the second service was delivered by Mr. Johannes Ameteri, while the third service sermon was preached by Elder Isaac Adjetey on the topic, “Demonstrate Your Faith in this Time of the Pandemic.”

Elder Adjetey urged Christians not to only serve God in good time, but to serve Him in difficult times as well, saying, “It is the responsibility of God to ensure that His children are safe in the church.”

He indicated that God in the midst of His children is mighty than the powers in the world.  Reading from 2 Kings 7: 3 and Hebrews 11: 32, Elder Adjetey admonished believers to lift their faith in God since they possess the Holy Spirit.

“Through faith, we can shut the mouth of Coronavirus. Even though some people trust in chariots, others in horses, we trust in God,” he stressed.

Report by Isabella Gyau Orhin.

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