PIWC-Michel Camp Holds Maiden Cultural and Diversity Sunday

The Pentecost International Worship Centre, Michel Camp (PIWC-Michel Camp) has organised its first Cultural and Diversity Day to celebrate cultural diversity and promote unity among members.

The celebration was organised in line with the 5-year vision of The Church of Pentecost dubbed “Vision 2023” which aims at influencing and transforming every sphere of society with the principles and values of the Kingdom of God.

The celebration took place at the PIWC-Michel Camp auditorium in the Ashaiman Area of The Church of Pentecost. All the members and Presbytery of the Assembly came to church adorned in their colourful Afrocentric attires to commemorate the occasion. This was amidst several melodious songs rendered in the various local languages, including; Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga, Hausa, among others.

Addressing the congregation, the Resident Minister of the PIWC-Michel Camp, Pastor David Amankwaa, explained the essence of the cultural day in the lives of the members.

He stated that “we must appreciate culture because God Himself instituted it. It’s not by mistake that we are from particular ethnic groups in Ghana, West Africa.”

“God knows and determines every minute detail. He knew us before we were born and decided where to place us, as such, God wants us to worship Him in our culture,” he reiterated.

Speaking on the topic: “Unity in Diversity,” Deacon Kwabena Boamah also expounded on the need for Christians to come together irrespective of their cultural backgrounds.

He advised the congregation to change their attitude towards diversity and embrace unity. He admonished them to cease all xenophobic conducts because Christianity unites all believers regardless of race, gender, nationality or tribe.

“God reveals Himself as; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit but the three are one, and it is this same God who has called us to live and commune together,” he posited.

Deacon Boamah further encouraged Christians and Church leaders to let Jesus be the centrepiece of their lives. He, therefore, warned that the colourful adornments do not make them a part of the family of our Lord Jesus Christ. He encouraged them to have a personal relationship with Him.

Speaking to PENTECOST NEWS after the service, Pastor David Amankwaa noted that PIWC-Michel-Camp is a multi-cultural Church, and accommodates Christians of diverse cultural backgrounds. “No matter your Christian affiliation you can worship at PIWC in spirit and in truth and you will still feel right at home,” he revealed.

This was the maiden edition of the ‘Cultural and Diversity Day,’ organised to promote the Church’s annual festival of Praise dubbed “Sing Out and Praise.”

Report by Cobby Sackitey

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