PIWC-Ho Organises Orientation, Prayers For BECE Candidates web

PIWC-Ho Organises Orientation, Prayers For BECE Candidates

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Ho has organised a preparation seminar for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in the church. 

Speaking at the event, which took place on Saturday, August 5, 2023, in the church’s auditorium at Mawuli Estate in Ho, Mr Joseph Mawuena, a Chief Examiner and the Regional Vice-Chairman of the Scripture Union took the candidates through the ‘dos and don’ts’ before, during and after the examination.

Quoting 2 Timothy 1: 7 and Isaiah 47: 10, Mr Mawuena asked the candidates, numbering about 60, to be confident, bold and not afraid.

He advised them to desist from learning deep into the night and refrain from engaging in any substances or drugs in their efforts to study.

“Prepare yourselves psychologically, spiritually and physically. Go early and know your sitting place and have the search by invigilators,” he said, adding, “Search yourselves first and be sure of having no unwanted items.”

Mr Joseph Mawuena asked the candidates to “own the answer booklet by writing how your name is registered for the exams. Write your index number and the name of the paper.”

He further advised them to read the instructions carefully and be conversant with the rubrics, saying, “It is necessary to write your index number; know it off head. Subject yourself to the instructions and pass well. Read through the questions and make your selections. Answer your questions in the order you can easily tackle. A fresh question must be started on a fresh page.” 

He asked the candidates to comport themselves and not be in a hurry to go out after they had finished answering the questions.

The Presiding Elder, Albert Abakah-Yawson, assured the candidates of the provisions of God in the examination.

The Resident Minister, Pastor David Francis Akayue, and Pastor Isaac Aboagye of Godokpe District took the candidates through a prayer session.

The church presented pens, pencils and other souvenirs to the candidates.

Report by Enyonam Dormevenu, Ho.

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