PIWC Downtown-Ofaakor Holds ‘Eagles Conference’

The Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC-Downtown Ofaakor) has begun a 3-day prayer conference dubbed “Eagles Conference” under the theme, “Revive Us Oh Lord,” based on Habakkuk 3:1-2.

Speaking on Day-2 of the conference, the Resident Minister, Pastor Isaac Annor, noted that “the Christian journey is not a smooth road, or one made of roses, however, it is full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys. It is, therefore, expedient that the believer arms himself and prepares meticulously, constantly refueling himself for the journey ahead.”

Reading from Isaiah 40:29-30, Pastor Annor revealed that “God Himself knows that even young men can grow weary and tired at a point. So our zeal for God can grow cold, however, just as the eagle waits and renews its strength, the believer must also wait on the Lord for a revival, a refilling, and a rekindling of their faith, in order to soar like eagles in their Christian journey.”

Drawing lessons from the prayer of the prophet Habakkuk, he explained that the monarchical line of Israel was truncated due to the consistent sinful acts of the Israelites. He indicated that God decided to punish the Israelites by allowing the Babylonians to capture them and keep them in bondage.

“During the time of Habakkuk, the people of Israel were living in sin and so the Kingdom of Israel fell apart and the nation went into exile. God used a sinful nation, Babylon, to punish Israel. When Israel repented and returned to Him, God then delivered Israel from exile and punished Babylon,” he reiterated.

“It is worthy to note that Israel was a just and righteous nation, however, without a revival, they forgot about the God who brought them out of Egypt. Therefore, Habakkuk prayed for a revival, and when Israel repented and was revived, God came to their aid, delivered them, and glorified them once again,” he added.

He, therefore, posited that the glory of the people of God can only be sustained if they consistently revive themselves in the Lord. “As a church, when our zeal faints, we should remember the prayer of Habakkuk, we should seek revival, and God will restore His glory into His Church.”

Pastor Annor asserted that “while we yearn for revival, we should, however, be mindful of things that quench our zeal and keep away from them. Zeal killers may include worldly concerns, laziness in our devotional life, complacency, modernization, and crises.”

He made a passionate appeal to the church to remember the great miracles that happened in the lives of the early believers. He called on the members to pray to God to revive His church and do again the great deeds he did in the lives of the people of old.

“We have all heard of the great signs and wonders God did in the days of old. Nowadays, these miracles sound like stories and fairy tales. Let us, therefore, pray and plead with the Lord to do in our time the great things He did in the days of old,” he stressed.

The ongoing conference, which began on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, will end on Friday, December 4, 2020.

Report by PIWC Downtown-Ofaakor Media Team.

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