PENTSOS Sinks “Miracle Water” For Grubi Community

Grubi, a community located in the Krachi-Nchumuru District in the Oti Region of Ghana, had been without a potable water supply for several years. As a result, the over 2,000 people living in the community mainly relied on unimproved sources of drinking water (rivers, streams, and ponds).

Unfortunately, efforts made in the past by various organisations to get them underground water had failed due to the difficult hydrogeological terrain in the community and surrounding areas.

In 2019, the Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS) with funding support from The Church of Pentecost Headquarters decided to go to their aid with the hope of succeeding where others had failed.

After a short prayer had been said, a single drilling attempt by the PENTSOS team yielded a positive result. The team have since drilled a high yielding borehole and mechanised it to provide the members of the community with safe drinking water supply.

The chiefs and elders of the community in expressing their excitement over the landmark success, donated a water storage tank (Poly Tank) to support the borehole mechanisation by the church.

The water facility has been christened “The Miracle Water” by the community people in gratitude to God for causing water to gush out of the Grubi land even when it seemed technically impossible. To God be the glory!


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