Pentecost University VC Advises Children To Develop A Positive Mindset

The Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University, Apostle Prof. Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua, has advised children to develop the right mindset in order to take hold of the future.

Apostle Prof. Agyapong-Kodua gave this advice at an event dubbed: “Time with the Professions” organised by the La Area Children’s Ministry at the Dr. Thomas Wyatt Temple.

In his presentation, which he titled “The Mindset to Possess the Future,” the VC said that the only way one could ‘possess the future’ is to have the right mindset, which, according to him, is the hallmark of all great and successful people.

To develop the right mindset, the children should adopt these five mantras: “My God is in charge,” “I can do it,” “Problems are opportunities,” “The number 3 consists of 1 and 1 and 1,” and “I must be intentional about appropriate friendship.”

He explained that every young person needs the two-hands approach, where they believe strongly that their God is in charge of every situation in their lives, be it good or bad. 

Quoting Nehemiah 4:17, he noted that, while putting up the temple, those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other. In the same way, children should use one hand for skill and knowledge and the other for the Bible and spirituality, because they go hand-in-hand, he added.

He stressed that “Christianity is not for the poor as we are made to believe; a Christian can equally be rich as any other.”

He also advised the children to develop the “I Can Do” spirit, believe in themselves and have confidence in their abilities. He encouraged them to take their education seriously because God desires that they succeed academically, stressing that: “Education reduces the risk of poverty.”

He further urged them to be intentional about the kind of friends they make. 

“You should be conscious of who you call a friend and introduce your friends to your parents. Friends can make and unmake you,” he advised.

Apostle Prof. Agyapong-Kodua ended his presentation by urging the children to be good students, always prepare before going to class, be punctual, join peer study groups, make good use of academic staff (office hours), engage in extra-curricular activities; and adequately prepare for exams/assessment.

Report by Gina Akua Padi

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