PCC Revival Kick-Starts With Enthusiasm web

PCC Revival Kick-Starts With Enthusiasm

The much anticipated ‘PCC Revival’ kick-started on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa in the Central Region.

Full of enthusiasm, over a thousand participants turned up to seek the face of God through His word and intensive prayers.

The opening session was warmed up with powerful song ministrations from Elder Gideon Ntumy, Deaconess Nancy Kwafo, Elder Patrick Amoako and the PCC Revival Choir.

During the service, patrons received a spirit-filled word of God from Apostle James Kwabena Asare, the Kasoa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, on the topic, ‘Unleashed with revival to transform my world,’ – Psalm 42:1&;2 85:2-7 and Luke 24:49.

According to Apostle Asare, God has made Christians both light and salt for the world, hence there is a need for every Christian to be revived by the Holy Spirit so that they can give life to those who are dead in spirit.

He explained that this revival should be witnessed in every aspect of the Christian’s life which brings great impact and transformation, while adding that God is ever ready to cause the revival.

The Kasoa Area Head also indicated that as part of the agenda to transform the world, the church must yearn after the Holy Spirit for revival.

Using the deer as a case study, Apostle Asare explained that the deer pants for water because its life depends on it. According to him, water is its only source of survival from predators as it runs into the water to hide and prevent the predator from perceiving its smell.

He noted that just like the deer, a lot of things are pursuing people, including Christians in life. But there is hope in Jesus who is the saviour of the world, saying, ‘If a Christian runs to Christ, he or she is saved from all that is pursuing him.’

Apostle James Kwabena Asare went on to explain that there is a need for revival because some people’s prayer life, fasting life, giving life and love for the Holy Spirit have gone down, adding that revival brings a renewal of life to the believer and a new life to the unbeliever. Therefore, when there is revival, more souls are won for God.


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