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Parenting: A Present Continuous Tense

In this discourse, I aim to illuminate the undeniable truth that, upon welcoming a new life into the world, an individual publicly declares their innate responsiveness. It is crucial for society to internalise the understanding that parenting is an ongoing endeavour, a perpetual immersion into the realms of responsible living. As commonly acknowledged, the role of a parent demands the capacity to nurture and guide a child into societal integration and alignment with broader purposes.

This is a task that unfolds gradually, requiring an investment of time, attention, support, and, significantly, financial resources. The arrival of a child in one’s family or community is a call to action, an activation of one’s inherent potential. It signifies the commencement of the journey to nurture and raise a child within the community. Parents must recognise that the upbringing of their children serves as a defining aspect of their identity.


It is essential to emphasise that assuming the role of a father demands readiness. Rushing into relationships and fatherhood without adequate preparation can disrupt not only your life but also the dreams and aspirations of someone else’s daughter. Singlehood should be viewed as an opportunity for personal growth, establishing oneself as a potential father, and contributing to the welfare of children within the community.

The prevalence of broken homes in our communities often stems from the unpreparedness of some males who overlook the fact that responsiveness begins within the context of marriage and child development. Resist peer pressure that may lead you to jeopardise someone’s dreams. Aspire to be a father whose impact is praised by nations, and whose absence is keenly felt by his children.

Preparation is key; refrain from hastily proposing or becoming a parent only to shirk responsibilities. Immerse yourself in literature on fatherhood, parenting, and seek wisdom from experienced individuals, including consultation with elders and spiritual guidance. Parenthood is a calling that demands responsibility.


It is imperative to dispel the notion that fertility solely revolves around giving birth. A woman’s fertility extends beyond the biological to encompass the richness of her words and the productivity of her hands. Societal pressures should not coerce decisions. Before contemplating motherhood, introspect on your understanding of nurturing, home management skills, and your capacity for support.

Every vision conceived during your singleness should persist and evolve as you transition into motherhood. Raising a child should not hinder the execution of your personal vision unless, of course, you had none. Women have been subjected to societal expectations that narrowly define their purpose, often leading to unpreparedness and struggles in child-rearing.

Resist the pressures; fortify yourself during your singlehood. Support the children in your community, and when the time is right for marriage, relish the joy of raising your own admirable offspring.

Written by Elder Tonnie Baffoe (Ekroful District, Agona Swedru Area)

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