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Nothing Can Stop The Church Of Jesus Christ – Apostle Ahalivor Asserts

The Madina Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Anthony Kwabla Ahalivor, has asserted that, the church of Christ Jesus is under serious attack by the forces of Satan.

According him, from ages Satan and his cohorts have made several attempts with strategic plans and schemes, deceptions, misconceptions, persecutions, attacks and sufferings, and also using varieties of great people to stop the progress of the church of Jesus Christ in order to make Christianity meaningless in the sight of the whole universe.

He, therefore, called on Christians to hold on to their faith, because nothing can stop the church of Jesus Christ from achieving its purpose of offering eternal salvation to all persons no matter what the devil does.

Apostle Ahalivor made these pronouncements on Easter Good Friday [19th April, 2019] at Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Atomic.

Speaking on the topic, “The Gates of Hades Will Not Overcome It” with scripture reference from Matthew 16:18, he said that, just after the defeat and fall of Satan, God created man to represent Him and rule over the earth.

He however said through man’s disobedience to God as a result of deceptions from the devil, the wrath of God came upon man.

He noted that, the only battle Satan has ever succeeded and won was when he operated through Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus Christ to be crucified and killed, but even that success of the devil became his greatest mistake.

“If Satan and his agents and the rulers of this world of darkness knew that killing Jesus Christ would bring eternal freedom, redemption and salvation to all mankind, they would not have crucified or killed our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, and that was the greatest mistake Satan did,” he stated.

He said that, Jesus Christ spent three days in hades destroying the powers and authorities of death and hades to secure man’s eternal salvation.

“The founder of the church even died before the church was established and commissioned, so nobody can kill Him again. Therefore, no attack on His followers or the church would be successful because the key to death is in the hand of Jesus Christ, the founder and owner of the Church. The victory of Jesus Christ for His church is the victory He won over the powers of death, principalities and hades,” he added.

Apostle Ahalivor called on Christians to avail themselves to be used as vessels of honour to win souls for Christ Jesus, because the ultimate goal of Jesus Christ for His Church is soul winning and nothing else.

According to him, God’s ultimate goal is to see that, the salvation of every person is secured before they die, and that is why soul winning is in the heart of God.

The Madina Area Head admonished Christians to hold on to their faith irrespective of the battle, struggles, challenges and suffering they encounter, saying, “You will surely suffer because you have surrendered your life and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour. You will suffer because you belong to the community and church of Jesus Christ.

“You will suffer because you have decided to win souls for Christ. So if you want to continue to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ, then you must be a militant- ready for the church in all battles.”

Report by Joshua Asamoah Darko, Madina.

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