Nachamba church building

Nachamba No. 1 Gets New Church Building

The Yendi Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle William Kojo Edzorhoho, on Thursday, April 19, 2018, dedicated the Nachamba No. 1 Assembly Community Based Church Building (CBCB) in the Tatale District.

The Nachamba Assembly was established in the year 2000 by Pastor Amo Afropong,  the then district minister, with his wife, Mrs. Martha Amo, being the first Presiding Officer until Deacon Kolakani took over from her. The assembly worshipped in a classroom until 2017 when they received the CBCB grant.

Speaking on the topic, “And the Lord Heard” based on Numbers 12: 1-16, Pastor Thomas Owusu Brefo of Yendi District, admonished believers to be careful about what they say about their leaders, because it is God who placed them there. “No matter how small physically the leader might be, it’s the Lord who chose him and he must be respected,” he stressed.

Pastor  Brefo added that God heard the negative things Miriam and Aaron said about Moses. So whatever Christians say about church leaders, God will hear, he said.

Apostle William Kojo Edzorhoho, in his remarks, admonished  Christians to be careful of the way they speak about their leaders. He asked them to look at the positive side of their leaders, because they [leaders] have been chosen by the Most High God.

He commended the Tatale District Minister, Overseer Isaac Berko, the officers and members for the good work done.

Present at the dedication ceremony were Pastor Isaac Appiah (Yendi Area Secretary), Pastor Samuel Adjei (Assemblies of God Church) and the pastorate in the Area. Also present to grace the occasion was the chief of Nachamba No.1, Obore Drokibayie Badimei.

Report by Yendi Area Media Team


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