Idol Worshipper Finds Freedom In Christ

Nbiti Elijah, an idol worshipper, turned to Christ after receiving his healing. Elijah, a native of Prognando, has been an idol worshiper since childhood. He had always believed and thought that his idols could save him from every misfortune and calamity until he was taken ill by a strange illness.

Gradually he lost all consciousness of himself. This became protracted and his health deteriorated. Not even the ‘idol water’ and other fetish substances administered by his family members could cure him. His own two idols and the “dwarf” he had committed his life to serving faithfully could also not cure him.

All attempts at healing him had failed until he encountered the healing power of Jesus Christ on 25th March, 2018, when the Jou-Nadundo District Minister in the Yendi Area of The Church of Pentecost, Overseer Samuel Amponsah Mensah, came to the Prognando community for a pastoral visit.

As soon as they heard that a pastor had arrived in the village, his family members requested for prayers for Nbiti. Overseer Amponsah Mensah prayed for him and he received his healing some days later without the administration of any orthodox or traditional medicine.

Nbiti Elijah has given up his two idols and all the other fetish items to be destroyed and burnt. He has since been baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

Together with his family, they are now serving the Lord with gladness and continue to testify of their new found freedom in Christ.


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