New Combine District Women’s Ministry Fetes Mentally Challenged Persons web

New Combine District Women’s Ministry Fetes Mentally Challenged Persons

The New Combine District Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, in collaboration with Dam City TV, Akosombo, has feted mentally challenged persons on the streets of Akosombo and neighbouring communities.

The team, led by the wife of the District Minister, Mrs Esther Kesse, fed all mentally sick persons on the streets from the ATL factory through to Atimpoku, Akrade, Kpong, Nuaso and Agormanya. 

The special exercise took place on Boxing Day to show love to the marginalised in society during the Christmas season. 

The team was made up of a Mental Health Nurse, a Psychological Counsellor in the person of Mrs Esther Kesse (the District Pastor’s wife), a CID Officer, and delegates from New Combine Women’s Ministry and Dam City TV. 

With the help of Dam City TV, the ministry was able to locate the mentally sick persons in their hiding places. The church fed them with rice and stew, soft drinks and mineral water, fully sponsored by the Women’s Ministry, which also fueled the vehicle used for the exercise. In all, 40 mentally challenged persons were located and fed. It was very tedious work for the team, who had to walk a long distance to find them individually. Seeing how these persons aggressively took the food from the team and ate it right in their presence was touching. 

The motive behind the great move was to help extend the peace and love in the birth of Christ to the mentally challenged persons who are usually neglected by their families and loved ones. 

The team has decided to find time within the year to visit the mentally challenged persons, this time to interact with them to see if some of them can give details about their real families and where they come from so the team can locate their families and counsel them accordingly.

Residents who witnessed the exercise were touched to see The Church of Pentecost feeding the socially marginalised. They praised the church and the leadership for equipping the members with strategic ideas to possess the nations. 

Report by Reindolf Botchway, Akosombo.

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