Chairman Urges Youth To Cultivate A Joshua Generation Mentality For National Transformation web

Chairman Urges Youth To Cultivate A “Joshua Generation Mentality” For National Transformation

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, has urged Christian youth to cultivate the “can do” mentality of the Joshua generation in order to transform the nations.

He made this address on Wednesday, January 3, 2023, at the 2024 PENSA Ghana Conference which is being held at the Pentecost Students’ and Associates (PENSA) – KNUST branch auditorium.

Basing his sermon on Joshua 1, he began by reminding Christians of life’s temporal nature, urging them to make their existence a period of fruitful labour.

With the mind being the main factor in his presentation, Apostle Nyamekye noted that “Great leadership doesn’t guarantee great achievement alone. The mindset of those who walk with you is crucial in determining success.”

 He acknowledged the transformative power of the mind, asserting that societal change must commence with a profound shift in mentality.

“Transformation begins in the mind. We cannot possess or transform nations or our world when we have a certain kind of mentality. If you want to transform society, it must begin with your mind,” he explained.

Encouraging believers to cultivate a clear understanding of their identity, the nature of their God, and His purpose, Apostle Nyamekye remarked,

“Understanding brings conviction. When you are convicted, it seems like you have been apprehended; you then become a prisoner for God.”

Drawing a poignant comparison between the Joshua and Moses generations that emerged from Egypt, he highlighted the pivotal role of mindset in their journeys. “Caleb and Joshua had a different spirit. They wholeheartedly depended on God. They had a pioneering spirit. They took God at His word despite their circumstances,” he explained.

Quoting Psalm 78, Apostle Nyamekye passionately declared, “This generation, the Moses’ generation is dead. God is demanding a new generation, the Joshua generation.”

He underscored the importance of aligning one’s thoughts with God’s word, referencing Deuteronomy 9:1-3, where Moses tells the Joshua generation that they are going to Canaan to take over the land.

Addressing the need for courage in taking over nations, Apostle Nyamekye emphatically stated,

“For us to take over the nations, courage will rise with danger.”

He stressed the necessity of making God renowned in the land of Ghana, saying, “We need to make God famous in the land of Ghana.”

The Chairman concluded by connecting the “Possessing the Nations” agenda and unleashing mandate with a “Joshua Mentality Generation” stressing their courage, boldness, a willingness to tread unfamiliar territories, and advancing the Kingdom of God to all nations.

“When we talk about the youth, we are talking about the strength, future, and challenge of the church. But we will manage the challenge and take the future for the Church,” he added.


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