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Never Accept Defeat – Pastor Pasteeco Arthur Urges Christians

The Resident Minister for the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), New Tafo, Kumasi, Pastor Emmanuel Pasteeco Arthur, has advised Christians not to succumb to defeat as long as they remain in Christ Jesus for victory is rest assured for them.

Speaking at the recently-held Yennyawoso District Week, which was under the theme: “Arise! Reposition Yourself to Break Barriers for Maximum Impact,”at the Redemption Assembly auditorium, Pastor Pasteeco Arthur admitted that life is full of twists and turns, but Christ Jesus has surmounted it.

Exhorting the congregants on the topic: “Never Accept Defeat,” the PIWC-New Tafo Resident Minister shared life stories of some biblical personalities who were downtrodden, but eventually emerged victorious to back his message.

One of the notable figures he discussed was Jephthah who was chased out of their father’s house by his half-brothers for being illegitimate son as his mother was a prostitute (Judges 11:1ff). For this reason, he noted, Jephthah had no share of their father’s estate.

Pastor Pasteeco Arthur continued that Jephthah had to live together with strange people in a strange land due to his situation. He, however, said when the appointed time came the elders of Israel sent delegates to go and bring Jephthah who had become giant in his hideout.

“Jephthah came back home to his own people, this time not as a useless son of a prostitute, but as a leader, a giant and a captain, and led the people to victory over Ammonites,” he disclosed. 

Touching on the story of Peter who was imprisoned and was miraculously released after the church had prayed for him in Acts Chapter 12, Pastor Emmanuel Pasteeco Arthur underscored the everduring faithfulness of God towards His people. He, therefore, urged the congregants not to give in to defeat regardless of the situation they may through because God whom they serve will never fail or disappoint them.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

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