“MPWDs Christmas Convention” Kicks Off In Tamale web

“MPWDs Christmas Convention” Kicks Off In Tamale

The Northern sector of the Ministry to Persons with Disabilities (MPWDs) of The Church of Pentecost has kicked off its three-day Christmas convention at the Radach Lodge and Conference Centre in Tamale under the auspices of the Tamale Area.

The ongoing convention, taking place nationwide, is under the theme, “Jesus Christ; The Hope that Brings Maximum Impact to All.”

Apostle John Budu Tawiah, the Northern Regional Coordinating Committee (NRCC) Coordinator and the Tamale Area Head of the Church, officially opened the convention yesterday. He spoke on the topic, “In Christ, We Have Hope,” using Hebrews 6:13-19 as his foundational text.

Apostle Budu Tawiah mentioned that every word that God has spoken can be relied upon because the one who has spoken cannot lie.

Explaining the text, he emphasised that for every word or promise to be sure, the one who gives it must vow with someone of greater authority, and since there is no greater authority than God, He swore by Himself.

“This should give every Christian hope because the one who has promised is the one to whom all authority and power belong. Whatever He has promised in His word will come to pass,” he said.

He quoted Hebrews 11:1,7 to assure believers that though there might not be a physical substance to rely on, faith must be built on the person of Christ through whom the promises have been made.

Concluding his message, the Tamale Area Head encouraged believers to exercise their faith in expectation of the fulfillment of the promises of God, notwithstanding the challenges.

In all, 150 participants were in attendance, drawn from all eight areas of the Church in the Northern Regions.

Also in attendance were sign language interpreters from the Bolga Area to assist persons with hearing impairments.

Report by Pastor Martin Ossom Boafo

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