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Media Ministry Strategies With Social Media Ambassadors

Plans by The Church of Pentecost to take over the media space to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ have been given an impetus following a gathering of social media ambassadors in the church.

The strategic meeting which was organised at the behest of the Media Ministry Pastor, Dr. Felix Dela Klutse, took place on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at the Headquarters of the church, La in Accra.

Present at the meeting was the Head of IT at the Headquarters, Pastor Paul Laryea. It was also attended by leading bloggers behind various Christian channels such as Asa TV Christian Vibes, Asaph Diary, and Christocentric.

Giving the rationale for holding the meeting, Pastor Dr. Dela Klutse said that it has become necessary to meet all stakeholders to strategise in the church’s efforts to hijack the social media space for Christ.

According to him, the church cannot possess the nations without possessing the media, saying, “As Christians, if we do not possess the media space Satan will take over.”

The Media Ministry is poised to turn around the church’s media landscape by leveraging on the various ideas wrought forward by the participants.


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