Ghetto evangelism (2)

Mamponteng District Intensifies Ghetto Evangelism

The Mamponteng District in the New Tafo Area of The Church of Pentecost has intensified efforts to win more souls for Christ in the ghettos as it plans to turn frustrated souls in the ghettos to Christ for reformation.

As part of the church’s vision to possess the nation as agents of transformation, the District Evangelism Ministry, led by Elder James Blewusi, under the auspices of the District Minister, Pastor Jerry Kusi Acquah, stepped up their evangelism strategies and extended the Gospel to deprived areas in the district during the Easter convention. 

The ghettos were occupied by suspected drug addicts, alcoholics, and others. The people were presented with the good news which centered on God’s love for them which they gradually embraced. 

According to Elder James Blewusi, the initial plan was to invite the new converts to church but because they saw themselves as rejected, it became necessary to organise church services for them in the ghettoes on Sundays. 

The ghetto church in the community has an active membership of 18 people. During the Easter convention, almost 30 people took part in the Easter service. The scene was a sign of fulfillment as they expressed their appreciation to the church for opening its arms to receive them. 

Some of them gladly took photographs with the evangelism team to express their newfound love in Christ.

Report by Owusu Dennis, New Tafo Area Reporter.

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