Lady Receives Instant Healing On First Day Of “Sawla for Christ” Crusade

Lady Receives Instant Healing On First Day Of “Sawla for Christ” Crusade

Hagar Dortiery, 19, was instantly healed of a chronic eye condition on the first day of the “Sawla for Christ” crusade being organised by the Evangelism Ministry, in partnership with the Sawla Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The spectacular event took place yesterday during a healing session held to climax the opening day of the mega crusade at the Modern Ghana Park, Sawla.

Speaking to PENTECOST NEWS on the sidelines of the event, Hagar, a Senior High School graduate and a member of the Changbalyiri District of the Church, said that she had been suffering from a strange eye condition which had persisted since her early childhood.

According to her, anytime it recurs, her eyes begin to itch terribly and swells for weeks before it comes back to normal.

She said that every effort to remedy the condition had proved futile so she had resigned to the fate of living with it for the rest of her life.

Narrating her miraculous experience, Miss Dortiery said that she came to the crusade ground with a “normal” eye and took part in every aspect of the service.

Later in the service, the Evangelism Ministry Director, Apostle Dr. Amos Jimmy Markin, invited all persons seeking divine healing to step in front. He further directed them to put their hand on the part (area) of the body where they had the problem as he prayed.

Hagar was one of the hundreds of people who responded to the apostolic call in faith by stepping forward and she covered both eyes with her palms.

“Although, it was not time for the condition to recur, as the Evangelism Director began to pray, suddenly my eyes started to itch intensely,” she said.

Hagar said that this time the itching was worse than she had ever experienced. But it totally stopped after Apostle Dr. Jimmy Markin had finished praying, she recounted.

“Why I call this a miracle is that, usually when my eyes begin to itch, it does not stop until it swells for weeks; this time it has completely stopped, yet my eyes did not swell,” she said.

Hagar is confident that the Lord has healed her of her condition and is grateful to Him for confirming His word with signs and wonders.

Miss Dortiery was not the only one to receive the supernatural touch of the Lord. Mrs. Lydia Torso, a mother of four and a member of the Nyange District of the Church, who suffered a hearing impairment was instantly healed as well.

According to her, about a week ago, she felt a sharp pain in her ears and could no longer hear with both ears. She quickly reached out to a Deacon of her assembly to pray with her. After the prayer, Mrs. Torso could partially hear. But, after the healing session, she testified that both ears have opened and she can now hear clearly.

Other spectacular events were also recorded on the opening day of the crusade. Among them was Cynthia Darlara, who testified of being instantly healed of a chronic stomach condition. Hannah Amoah, who had a heart problem and also suffered from a recurring abdominal pain, was instantly healed of her ailments.

Linda Gandaari complained of some pains in her leg, for which reason she was unable to stand for more than ten minutes. However, after she was prayed for, she could stand for a longer period without feeling any pain.

Anastasia, an epileptic who always suffered an embarrassing attack whenever she was around people said that, for the first time in her life, she did not have an attack despite being in the midst of the thousands of participants gathered at the Modern Ghana park for the event.

To God be the glory.


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