Kaneshie Area Youth Ministry Organises All Youth Workers’ Retreat web

Kaneshie Area Youth Ministry Organises All Youth Workers’ Retreat

In a full-day retreat marked by spiritual enrichment and strategic planning, The Church of Pentecost, Kaneshie Area, gathered all its dedicated youth leaders, coordinators, and executive members for an insightful and empowering retreat.

Held at the Darkuman Nyamekye Central, the retreat aimed to equip and inspire youth workers to fulfill their roles with passion and purpose.

The retreat began with an intensive prayer and intercession for the Church and the Youth Ministry. The Area Youth Pastor, Pastor Fred Stephen Sarfo, led the attendees in a period of devotion on the topic, “With Me in Charge.”

He admonished the house that so far as God has placed them in leadership position, it means there are tremendous power locked up in them and with that Grace they need to take charge of wherever they have been placed to help develop the Youth while paying particular attention to The Presence of God. This he did, drawing lessons from the story of Joseph in Genesis 39 and 40.

The event featured an esteemed lineup of speakers, each bringing unique insights and perspectives to the table. Mrs. Cecilia Sarfo, the Kaneshie Area Youth Pastor’s wife, kicked off the proceedings by emphasizing the paramount importance of a youth worker’s relationship with God.

Drawing from biblical principles and personal anecdotes, Mrs. Cecilia Sarfo underscored the need for youth leaders to prioritise their spiritual growth and seek God’s guidance in all aspects of their lives, including relationships and marriage.

Mrs. Priscilla Yirebi, a distinguished member of the National Executive Council for Youth and Schools Outreach Ministries, delved into the topic of passion and availability in Christian service.

With fervor and conviction, Mrs. Yirebi challenged attendees to cultivate a deep passion for God’s work and to remain steadfastly available for service, even in the face of challenges and persecution.

Drawing parallels from Scripture and real-life examples, she emphasised the transformative power of passion and availability in advancing God’s kingdom.

Pastor Frank Mensah Tandoh, the PENSA Traveling Secretary for the Kaneshie Sector, also made significant contributions to the retreat, offering valuable insights and practical guidance to the assembled youth workers.

Pastor Tandoh elaborated on the vision outlined in the Youth Ministry’s Vision 2027 document, aligning it with the overarching vision 2028 of The Church of Pentecost. His presentation provided clarity and direction, empowering attendees to align their efforts with the broader goals of the church.

Throughout the retreat, attendees were encouraged to actively engage with the presentations, ask questions, and seek guidance from experienced leaders. The atmosphere was one of unity, amity and spiritual growth, as youth workers from across the Kaneshie Area came together to renew their commitment to serving God and impacting lives.

As the retreat drew to a close, Pastor Fred Stephen Sarfo, the Kaneshie Area Youth Pastor’s presentation on Christian Youth Programming (CYP), imparted a final word of encouragement, urging attendees to develop and raise leaders within their spheres of influence. His impassioned plea resonated deeply with the audience, serving as a fitting conclusion to a day filled with inspiration and empowerment.

Report by Elder Jeremiah Simpson (Kaneshie Area)

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