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Jesus’ Utmost Obedience Resulted In Our Eternal Salvation – Apostle Kwafo

Apostle Emmanuel Agyei Kwafo, the National Coordinator for the Home and Urban Missions (HUM) of The Church of Pentecost, has advised Christians to be willing to serve God even at their inconvenience because their salvation was borne out of Jesus’ utmost obedience.

Apostle Kwafo said this during the Good Friday Morning Session of the 2024 Easter Convention of the Mamprobi Zone in the Dansoman Area held at the Salvation Army Cluster of Schools Park.

Speaking on the topic: “Jesus’ Utmost Obedience Is Our Eternal Salvation” with Hebrews 5:7-10 as key references, Apostle Agyei Kwafo stressed that there may be various forms of salvation, but it is only the salvation that Christ offers that is eternal.

He explained that Good Friday marks the beginning of a new chapter, hence it is a day believers should always remember and celebrate.

“It symbolises the victory of Jesus Christ for us and marks the start of our journey as Christians.

“So, we must keep Easter alive, reaffirming our faith, praying for unbelievers, strengthening our bond with God, and cherishing fellowship with other believers,” he said.

He further noted that “Jesus Christ is not merely a human prophet; rather, He is the Son of God and God Himself.”

According to him, despite Christ’s divine nature, He humbly obeyed His Father’s will, even unto death, to secure our salvation.

“While there may be many people claiming to be saviors, the Jesus Christ of the Bible is unique—He is the only one who died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day, appearing to many after His resurrection,” he stated.

Apostle Kwafo explained that in biblical history, the first high priest, Aaron, and the last priest Caiaphas, had flaws, but Jesus remains the only High Priest who is without sin.

“Aaron led the people of Israel to worship idols made with their earrings, and the last high priest in the life of Jesus Christ, Caiaphas, was part of the crucifixion plan of Jesus Christ. However, Jesus Christ is the only high priest who is perfect in obedience, submitting to the eternal will of the Father,” he said.

He, therefore, advised Christians to be prayerful, recognising that their salvation was birthed out of Jesus’ prayerful obedience.

“Jesus recognised that his personal human will could interfere with the eternal will of His Father, so He earnestly prayed and submitted to His Father’s [God’s] eternal will,” he added.

Report by Elder James A. Brown & Lawrence N.K Asiamah

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