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Jesus’ Resurrection Has Given Believers A New Identity – Prophet Tetteh Doku

Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku, the New Tafo Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has emphasised the profound impact of Jesus’ resurrection on believers, transforming their identities into children of God filled with power and anointing to perform great works.

He shared the story of Peter, who, once timid, became bold and confident in preaching the Gospel and performing miracles, signs and wonders after being filled with the Holy Spirit, showcasing the significant influence of the resurrection on believers to illustrate his point.

During a service with the New Tafo Zone on Resurrection Sunday [March 31, 2024] at the New Tafo M/A School Park to conclude their Easter Convention, Prophet Tetteh Doku delivered a message on the topic: “Unleashed To Transform Your World Through the Power of the Resurrection,” drawing references from Philippians 3:10-11 and Ephesians 1:18-20.

In his sermon, the New Tafo Area Head highlighted the effects of Jesus’ resurrection, categorizing them into three stages: pre-resurrection, resurrection, and post-resurrection, explaining the significant events that occurred during each phase.

He stressed the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection opening the way for gentiles to be included in God’s salvation plan.

Emphasising the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Jesus’ resurrection, Prophet Tetteh Doku contrasted it with other instances of people being raised from the dead, such as Lazarus and the saints who came back to life at the time of Jesus’ death. He explained that while these individuals eventually died again due to their mortal nature, Jesus, being God, could not be held by death as He triumphantly rose from the grave and is forever alive (Acts 2:24). He declared, “Just as Christ conquered death through His resurrection, we too shall rise in the last days.”

He urged the congregation to courageously apply their transformed selves to make a meaningful impact within their various spheres of influence without being paralyzed by fear, for God is with them.

Encouraging those facing hardships and contemplating suicide to turn to Jesus for transformation and eternal life, the clergyman underscored the hope and assurance in Christ Jesus.

The 2024 New Tafo Area Easter Convention was held under the theme: “Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life,” – (John 11:25) in five zones, with PIWC-New Tafo operating independently.

The New Tafo Zone, comprising three districts – New Tafo, Yennyawoso, and Ashtown, drew a total of 4,957 members at the conclusion of the event.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

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