Jesus Is The Only Accredited Source Of Eternal Life – Pastor Adane Reveals web

Jesus Is The Only Accredited Source Of Eternal Life – Pastor Adane Reveals

Pastor Justice Twene Adane of the Afienya Estate District of The Church of Pentecost has said that Jesus Christ, who died and rose again, is the only accredited source of eternal life.

He made this declaration during the Day Two of the Afienya Estate District 2024 Easter Convention on March 29, 2024.

He narrated the biblical creation story, highlighting how God created the world and humanity in His own image.

Pastor Adane talked about God’s initial exaltation of man, placing him in the Garden of Eden to care for all creations but warning against disobedience. He explained how sin entered the world through man’s rebellion, leading to separation from God.

He delved into the consequences of sin, illustrating how mankind became corrupt over time, culminating in God’s decision to destroy most of humanity in a flood, sparing only Noah due to his righteousness.

Pastor Adane spoke on the struggles of the Israelites to uphold God’s laws and the need for sacrifices to atone for sins before Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

The Afienya Estate District Minister revealed that Jesus came to earth with a mission to defeat sin and provide salvation for humanity.

He described Jesus as the King who desires to reign in people’s hearts, the Way to the Father, and the Source of eternal life.

Pastor Adane shared a miraculous account of Jesus raising a dead man back to life, underscoring Jesus’ power over death.

“Jesus does not only offer physical life but also eternal life, which is considered superior. It is only Christ that can provide this eternal life and the promise of resurrection for those who believe in Him. Jesus is the only one accredited to forgive sins, just like how only Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), in Ghana, distributes electricity,” he said.

In conclusion, Pastor Justice Twene Adane urged the congregation to embrace Jesus Christ as the solution to their sins and the source of eternal life

He beseeched them to turn to Jesus for salvation, who has power to cleanse and redeem individuals from various sins and struggles, such as homosexuality, addiction, and bad habits.

He reassures the congregation that Jesus’ blood is powerful enough to forgive even the most notorious individuals, as read from biblical accounts like Zaccheus and the crucifixion scene.

Report by Afienya District Media and IT Committee.

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