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In Search Of Self-Glory: A Lesson From A Cautionary Tale

While having my devotion this morning, I stumbled upon some profound insights I feel compelled to share. I have aptly titled this reflection “In Search of Self-Glory.”

This involves a man from Saul’s camp, as depicted in 2 Samuel 1, who witnessed the tragic demise of King Saul. Seizing upon the strained relationship between Saul and David, this man saw an opportunity to bask in the glory by falsely claiming responsibility for Saul’s death.

Although he had not actually slain Saul, he rushed to King David, spinning a web of lies, asserting that he had single-handedly brought down the anointed king. He embellished his tale, regaling David with accounts of seizing Saul’s crown, armbands, and other items. However, these were all fabrications.

In verse 14, we learn that King David responded with righteous indignation, asking, “Why weren’t you afraid to lift your hand against the Lord’s anointed?”

This story serves as a reminder that many among us are tempted to seek self-glory through deceit. We falsely claim credit for deeds we have not accomplished, only to find that the pursuit of self-glorification yields no true satisfaction. Instead, it can lead to disgrace, loss of respect, and a shattered reputation once the truth comes to light.

Ironically, David himself had the opportunity to slay Saul but chose to spare his life. Yet, this Amalekite sought self-glorification by fabricating Saul’s demise, ultimately paying for his falsehoods with his own life.

One might wonder, how does one recognise the signs of seeking self-glorification? It manifests in our inability to accept and rejoice in the blessings bestowed upon others genuinely. Regrettably, some individuals become perturbed when witnessing the progress and prosperity of others. They yearn for those blessings themselves, consumed by envy—a driving force behind the pursuit of self-glory. These individuals harbour hopes that all the good fortune could have been theirs.

To the young men and women reading this, I implore you to examine your own actions. Are you engaging in a quest for self-glorification? Are you making false claims, leveraging them to ascend higher? Let the cautionary tale of the Amalekite resonate within you.

Consider your conduct within your workplace. Are you striving to be recognised and noticed by your superiors? What motivates such aspirations? As you aim for advancement and promotion, are you engaging in the right actions? What drives you?

In this life, strive to be true to yourself. Refrain from resorting to deceit as a means of advancement, for such a path is unsustainable and can ultimately lead you down the same perilous road as the Amalekite.

The consequences of self-glory can be immensely detrimental to your life. Exercise caution, find contentment in what God has provided and where He has placed you, and express gratitude to Him always. After all, what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

Written by Pastor Emmanuel Boate (Pentecost International Worship Centre, Bolga)

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