Imitate The Faith Of The Early Fathers - Apostle Kesse Tells Church Leaders

Imitate The Faith Of The Early Fathers – Apostle Kesse Tells Church Leaders

The Suame Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle John O. Kesse, has advised Church leaders to imitate the faith of the early fathers of the Church to make maximum impact.

According to him, most of the early fathers of The Church of Pentecost had little or no formal education, but they carried Great Grace, which propelled them to do exploits for the Lord Jesus.

Apostle Kesse said this when he ministered at the “Time with the Fathers” programme organised by the Kwadaso Area. Reading from Jeremiah 6:16 and Hebrews 12:7, 17, Apostle Kesse stressed the need for the current generation of church leaders to remember the forebears, consider the outcome of their lifestyles, and imitate their faith.

Apostle Kesse revealed that the early leaders were able to do greater works because, among many other things, they knew Jesus intimately and saw his glory in various ways. “They had personal encounters with Jesus through personal devotion and consistent fasting and prayer life,” he said.

The Suame Area Head added that the early leaders demonstrated the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit through miracles, signs, and wonders at all times and in various ways in the church.

Drawing from several personal encounters with some of the early fathers of the church, he said that the founding leaders of the Church were very focused on preaching the Gospel in power, leading members to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and demonstrating practical humility despite the great Grace of God upon their lives.

According to him, Prophet M.K. Yeboah, a former Chairman of the Church, once said that the highest demonstration of Christian maturity is humility.

“This indicates that our fathers had a deep concern for the welfare of members as shown in their passion for visitation and the art of mentioning individual names during intercession,” he said.

He further stated that the founding leaders of the church were very prayerful, as evidenced in this mantra of the founder and first Chairman of the Church, Pastor James McKeown: “The work is prayer, and prayer is the work.”

Apostle Kesse noted that these ‘paths,’ although ancient, are responsible for the great impact the forebears of the Church made. He, therefore, urged the current generation of Church leaders and members to walk in their footsteps and also teach their children to have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Report by: Kwadaso Area Media

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