“I Feel No Pain Again In My Heart!” – Lady Receives Instant Healing

Mrs Martha Obodei, a grocery shop owner at Azizanya, has been miraculously healed of a chronic heart disease.

Martha, 33, said that, for ten years, she constantly experienced shortness of breath and fatigue even when she trekked a short distance. 

After trying various medications with no results, Martha began to visit churches seeking divine intervention.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, The Church of Pentecost inaugurated a new local assembly in her community after an evangelism outreach organised by the Evangelism Ministry in partnership with the Tema Area of the Church, dubbed the “Ada for Christ” crusade. As part of the outreach, an intense prayer session was held for the new converts later in the evening.

Martha, who had her shop nearby, was called upon to supply the new converts with drinks after the service. She slowly made her way to the church premises and sat on a chair, waiting for the prayer session to end so that she could serve them the drinks.

Soon afterwards, she narrated, the pastor leading the prayer session walked to her and prayed for her. After the prayer, Martha suddenly realised that she no longer felt any pain in her heart. 

“So, I immediately ran to the house and back; it was at this point that I became convinced that I am healed,” she said.

Mrs Obodei shared this testimony during the first Sunday service of the newly-opened Azizanya Assembly.

To God be the Glory!


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