Home And Urban Missions Holds Seminar In Ho

The Home and Urban Missions (HUM) of The Church of Pentecost has organised a day’s seminar in the Ho Area of the Church.

The seminar, which was facilitated by the National Coordinator, Pastor Emmanuel Agyei Kwaffo, brought together members of the District HUM Coordinating Teams, some ministers in the Area, including the Area Head, Apostle Moses Ahiakor and his wife Elizabeth.

Speaking on behalf of the Area Head, the Area Secretary, Pastor Evans Ekow Ampah, quoted 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and encouraged the participants to endeavour to become all things to all people as they embark on the selfless but rewarding task of reaching out to the marginalised and the unreached with the Gospel.

The HUM National Coordinator, Pastor Kwaffo, explained the mission and vision statements of HUM and further took the participants through the detailed strategic plan in identifying and establishing Home and Urban Missions groups.

“We should become all people to all men in order to win all for Christ. Let’s remove every tribal impediment and sentiments to launch out deep among all people of all class to bring them to Christ.

“God through this seminar is sending you, so you must complete the assignment. Let them be reached, see and hear Christ and bring them to Him, for Christ to be formed in them and release them back into their own people, to serve as the light of God among them and winning them over to Christ,” he said.

The HUM Coordinator for the Southern Sector, Pastor Joseph Taah Appiah, explained the strategic entry points into ghettos during a presentation on ‘Mobile Church.’

He shared his personal experiences on the field and cautioned that though they may not be able to respond to their needs, the gospel is much more powerful to respond to them.

Sulemana Dialo Bello, a Fulani by birth from Ghana, expressed his utmost gratitude to God for saving him.

Commenting on some of the negative perceptions that some people have about Fulanis, Bello stated: “Most people see us as barbaric due to a few bad images some of us had portrayed.

“Fulanis have never been pagans and can trace their roots to Abraham but were dispersed due to war until the Islamic religion took over us,” he revealed, adding, “We have been indoctrinated wrongly and really need help.”

He added that he got converted when he watched a video of Jesus Christ speaking the Fula language and seeing Jesus Christ as a Fulani man.

Bello appealed to Christians to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in the culture of the Fulanis in order to win them over for Christ.

The Area Head, Apostle Moses Kwame Ahiakor, in his closing remarks, reiterated that all men were created by God and the grace of God has appeared unto all men including the marginalized.

“I believe that as we take a step, the heavenly host is fully backing us and will cause signs and wonders to follow us,” he said, adding, “The things we never expected and imagined will surely happen to prove to us that God is real, hence let’s go and preach the gospel.”

Report by Overseer Felix Brakatu.

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