Ho Area Organises Maiden Farmers’ Day Celebrations web

Ho Area Organises Maiden Farmers’ Day Celebrations

The Ho Area of The Church of Pentecost, under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Dela Quampah, has organised an event to celebrate and reward the hardworking farmers in the area.

The inaugural Farmers’ Day Celebrations took place at the forecourt of the Central Assembly in Sokode Gborgame District on November 11, 2023.  The theme of the celebration was “Repositioning the Living Standards of Members Through Agriculture”. 

The event aimed to honour and appreciate farmers for their significant contributions to the country’s development. It also highlighted the importance of agriculture in improving the living standards of church members.

This maiden event is a testament to the tremendous contribution made by our hardworking farmers and an emphasis of their crucial role they play in our nation’s development.

Speaking on behalf of the Ho Area Head, Apostle Semenya Yao Dogbe, the Hohoe Area Head, said this maiden Famers Day Celebration pioneered by Ho Area was visionary and exemplary. He added that the celebration first and foremost express gratitude to God creator of the universe who sustains, nourishes, and ensures the fruitfulness in farming.

Also speaking at the occasion, the Area PENTSOS Chairman, Pastor Cosmos Abi, who is the originator of the idea of the celebration, said the day served as a reminder of the crucial role played by farmers in ensuring food security, economic growth, and the financial stability of both the church and the nation. It highlighted the importance of standing in solidarity with farmers and appreciating their sacrifices and hard work.

“Agriculture plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of Ghana. The Region’s economy is mainly rural and dominated by agriculture and employs about 74% of the economically active population,” he said.

He bemoaned low incomes have made farming less attractive to the youth who form majority of the population of the church. This has led to the migration of potential leaders and officers of the local church to the urban cities seeking for greener pastures, creating Acute Leadership Deficiency Syndrome (ALDS).

Concluding his remarks, he mentioned the farmers day celebration seeks to improve the living conditions of our members through increasing income levels, food security and general standard of living of members. It also seeks to sell the church to the outside world of what God is doing in His church even as we possess the nations.

He encouraged members to work hard to ensure food security, reduced unemployment, and rural-urban migration.

Eighteen major awards and 22 ground and exhibit awards were given to farmers to appreciate and motivate them. Award categories includes Overall Best farmer, 2nd Best Farmer, 3rd Best Farmer, Best Woman Farmer, Best Livestock Farmer, Best Fish Farmer, Best Root & Tuber Farmer, Best Physically-Challenged farmer, Best youth farmer, and Grounds and exhibits. The award items include Double-deck refrigerators, Chest freezer, knapsack sprayers, Crocodile matchet, wax prints, Key soap bar and radio sets.

Elder Patrick Ahiamale of Ziope District won the Overall Best Farmer award receiving a Double Decker refrigerator, a pair of wellington boots, two cutlasses, a knapsack sprayer, four bars of key soap, a wax print and a certificate.

Brother Godwin Agbo of Sokode Gborgame came second receiving, a tabletop deep freezer, a pair of wellington boots, a cutlass and a certificate.

Deaconess Esinam Agbenyefia of Tsito district came third receiving a Asano 32” Flat screen Television set, two bars of Key Soap, a Cutlass and a certificate. Items were given to all other winners.

Apostle Semenya Yao Dogbe, drawing the curtain down, appreciated Apostle Dr. Dela Quampah for visionary leadership, the Area PENTSOS Chairman, the pastorate, and all dignitaries present at the occasion.

He also encouraged the farmers to increase and double their farmlands and produce to the glory of God.

The colourful and maiden ceremony drew many dignitaries: the Ho Area pastorate, Area Deacon, Area Women’s Ministry Leader, Municipal Chief Executive’s Representative, Sokode Assemblyman, among others.

Report by Ho Area News Desk

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