Heads’ Consultative Meeting Begins Ahead Of 45th General Council Meeting

The two-day consultative meeting of Area and National Heads of The Church of Pentecost began on Monday, May 3, 2021, ahead of the 45th General Council Meeting scheduled to take place tomorrow.

The event, which also has participants from the Francophone and Spanish Bloc, is being held virtually (via Zoom).

The Heads’ consultative meeting is held perennially to provide Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists of the church the opportunity to prayerfully contribute to some key decisions made by the Executive Council that are to be tabled before the General Council for ratification.

Welcoming participants to the meeting, the Chairman of the church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, underscored the delicate role of the Executive Council as the body of the church that is responsible for ensuring the proper administration of every aspect of the church’s life.

He said that there is the need for the heads’ consultative meeting because “in the multitude of counsel there is safety.”

“So please do not deny us of your sanctified contributions. Rather, let us all contribute to building a better church for our children and future generations,” he urged.

Earlier, Apostle James Raj, the National Head for India and a member of the Executive Council shared with participants a sermon titled “It Is Time to Arise,” inspired by Isaiah 60:1-2, Ezekiel 37:3-10 and other scripture references.

He explained that Adam was created in the shining glory of God, but he lost it because of sin.

Apostle Raj said that through His death and resurrection, Jesus has restored the glory of God to the Church; therefore, the Church ought to show forth this glory to the world.

Referring to Ephesians 5:8 and 14, he stressed that the Church, which was once in darkness, is now called to be part of the Kingdom of Light. He, therefore, charged the Church to show forth this light, which, according to him, is the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit through signs and wonders.

He said for the Church to rise as a glorious army, it must make prayer its foremost priority. This, he said, is because prayer connects the Church to the Father. 

He also explained that the unadulterated word of God and love for one another are other essentials that the Church ought to possess to show forth the glory of God.

According to him, glory in this context represents rulership or dominion, hence, the Church must assume their position of dominance which Adam lost, and which Jesus restored.

“Jesus Christ has glorified the Church. In these last days, the Church must demonstrate this glory by having authority and rulership over the world. The glory is in the Church, God is in the Church. So, Church arise and shine and show forth the glory of God to the world!” he charged.

He further noted that “when the Church shows forth her light nations and kings will come to her and this will make it easier to possess the nations.”

Apostle Raj said the world today is hopeless and going through desperate times; however, the Holy Spirit is ready to raise the Church as an army in the world to bring it the hope it is direly yearning for.


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